Yoga Sutras Patanjali 9

Yoga Sutras Patanjali 9

12. The trouble of servitude to distress has it’s establish in these restraints. It will be felt in this life, or in a life not yet manifested.

The trouble of servitude to distress has it’s establish oblivious ness of wisdom, in narrow-mindedness, in desire, in disdain, in connection to sensation. All these are, in the keep going examination, retention in the psychical self; and this methods distress, on the grounds that it implies the feeling of separateness, and these methods shaking friction and unavoidable passing. At the same time the psychical self will breed another psychical self, in another conception, thus new distresses in a life not vet show.

13. from this root there develop and mature the tree grown foods of life commencement, of the life-compass, of all that is tasted in life.

Completely to remark on this, might be to compose a treatise on  Karma and its down to earth working in part, whereby the spot what’s more of a chance of the following life commencement, its substance and length of time, are determined ; and to do this the present analyst is in no clever fitted. Anyhow this much is obviously comprehended: that, through a sort of profound attractive energy, the incarnating

14. These bear tree grown foods of celebrating or of anguish, as they are bounce from adored or unholy meets assumptions.

Since blessedness is submission to awesome law, to the law of divine agreement, and dutifulness to concordance fortifies that agreement in the soul, which is the one correct delight, subsequently happiness happens to heavenliness: comes, surely, in no other way. Furthermore as ungodliness is rebellion, and along these lines dissension, subsequently ungodliness makes for agony; and this two-fold law is correct, if the reason produce results in this, or in a yet manifested life commencement.

15. To him who has acumen, all individual life is wretchedness, on the grounds that it ever waxes and melts away, is ever harrowed with fretfulness, makes ever new dynamic inspires in the brain; also on the grounds that all its exercises war with one another.

The entire life of the psychic self is wretchedness, on the grounds that it ever waxes and melts away; on the grounds that life commencement carries inexorable demise; because there is no desire without its shadow, fear. The life of the psychic self is wretchedness, since it is tormented with fretfulness; so he, who has much, finds not fulfillment, yet rather the whetted yearn for additional. The flame is not extinguished by spilling oil on it; so yearning is not extinguished by the satisfaction of yearning. Once more, the life of the psychic self is wretchedness, since it makes ever new dynamic inspires in the brain; since a yearning fulfilled is yet the seed from which springs the yearning to discover like fulfillment once more. The craving comes in consuming, as the maxim says, and develops by what it encourages on. What’s more the psychic self, torn with clashing goals, is ever the house partitioned against it, which should without a doubt fall.

16. This passion is to be avoided, before it has come.

As it were, w r e can’t cure the aches of life by laying on them any salve. We must cut the root, anabolism in the ideological self. So, there is no cure for the wretchedness of Yearning, however to settle the heart upon the interminable. Self is attracted to a home and life-ring which will provide for them it extension and order; furthermore its need of order is obviously molded by its character, its standing, its achievement.

17. The rationale for what’s to be warded off, is that the absorption of the Seer in things seen.

Here once more we’ve the main thought of the Sankhya, which is that the civilized associate of the Yoga. The reason for what’s to be avoided is that the foundation of agony is the consumption of attention within the psychical man and also the things which startle the psychical man. The healing is democracy.



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