Is there any a specific criterion or qualification if I want to join with this yoga teacher training course?

No, we do not have any specific qualification or requirement of yoga teacher training course program. People in all fields can get benefits under yoga training course. The most important to know and understanding is about value perceptive and yoga course level toward the importance of yoga and vastness. We do not offer boundary or restriction based on relation, religion and region. For education qualification and other academic experience should help people get perfection in the right stream. The basic object of yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is making clear and takes up in the right way. Every yoga student is possible to get asana and other component of yoga. The yoga vital area such as; anatomy, administration, Ayurveda, philosophy and spiritual will be an important part in a yoga teacher training course. We will give you complete environment in order to make you as a professional yoga teacher.

If I join with this course, what type of yoga should I take for admission?

Yoga teacher training program is designed to consider all yoga area. We always cover all basic science of yoga. Yoga is too vast for many yoga traditions and styles. We always keep all surfaces of subjects to cover all yoga area. Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh provides grow learning approach for physical and theoretical basic yoga. We also offer all branches of yoga such as; physical and spiritual yoga. Our program offers yoga as a routine course to develop and improve human material and spiritual. We have a professional yoga teacher and serve you in all are of yoga.

If I join with this program, are there any specific language knowledge?

Yes, for all candidates there is knowledge of English need to be appearing in this yoga teacher training course. For Hindu peoples, it is possible for them to join this course without knowledge of English as well.

Is it possible to teach yoga after qualifying of course done?

For all graduate students and who have completed yoga teacher training course with prescribed manner, they will get award with good yoga teacher certificate approved and accepted by government. You will be approved as a yoga teacher and conduct your own yoga course classes. You also will get a chance to work as a yoga volunteer with knowledge teachers and help out your skill. It is possible for you to spread up healthy physical and spiritual life. As a yoga teacher, you can help and serve many human beings. You can give great satisfaction for human health.

If I study yoga here, where I will get yoga material?

We give all study materials completely. You do not need to go somewhere to get yoga textbooks and other necessary items. The study material is designed to make you easy to comprehend in the right manner and learn it well. All yoga asanas will give you with simple photograph.

Is there any impact if I cannot continuous my yoga classes?

It is important to learn and practice yoga in better methods. For all students, it is recommended to finish a yoga course properly. If you take a gap, you will get lot of lack yoga knowledge. It is important to attend 100% yoga course.

Can I carry my course on homework? If, it is possible, how much is it?

Yes, of course. You can spend your time each one hour everyday for homework. Your homework will not tough as school time homework. It will give you pleasant and confidence homework. Some yoga assignment needs to be completed by yoga physical exercise.

Can I get free time for other activities?

Yes, of course. You can get your own free times. You will get a free day on Sunday. In one week, you will get a couple breaks between daily yoga classes. You also will get enough free time to involve in other activities.

Is there batch strength for yoga course?

We create maximum for 15 students in each batch. Even we get increase demand of yoga courses, we make maximum of 15 students in every batch. We create a quality yoga institute and always to try to develop and increase not batch ranking.

Who are your students for yoga teacher training course?

Our students are people with age group from 18 – 70 years old. We also open nation world and large number of students from Australia, America, Canada and India. For all brothers, sister, mother and father are covered under the definition of our students’ categories. Our institute is based on the family approach with good and harmonious relationship under one institution.

What type of yoga apparel if I need to bring it with?

It is a cotton outfit of yoga training course. Our yoga course is providing genuine rates. Our yoga clothes are designed for yoga and asana postures. Our uniform is available for all fit and sizes.

Is it possible for me to bring other articles with me?

No. You do not need to bring other articles. We have own carpet that provides a glance during yoga classes. But, you need to purchase it from you. It is easy and available in near market.

Is it requires a visa for a yoga training course?

Yes, it is. Based on international travel rules and regulations, it mandates to have a visa for traveling beyond country borders. There are some nations that do not need specific visa. It is recommended to check with your embassy. Visa policy for India is easy to compare to other destination around the country. You also can visit traveler visa as course education visa. The visa period is not less than your yoga course period. It is important to be careful for this concern.

What is structure of the yoga course fee?

It is referring to fee structure

How about my accommodation? Where is my home staying in Rishikesh?

It is some quandaries to get good accommodation. We are offering good accommodation for a yoga course period in economical cost with club fee structure. Rishikesh is a good place for tourist who want to get private accommodation rather than other place in India. Rishikesh is city of spiritual with secrecy accommodation. We decide to not let our student suffer for accommodation. We made good structure for accommodation available in Rishikesh.

Is it safe and what is a social standard of accommodation?

Safety is our primary concern. Rishikesh is well known as the safest destination in India. Our accommodation is perfect for safety with better class resident and social standard. Our environment is peaceful and healthy. We have great effort to keep regular improvement on residential standard. Our atmosphere plays vital role in yoga course and makes our student feel comfortable.

How about food costing estimation for one individual?

We always think based on what we eat. Our object is spiritual effort. It is important to deep concern with our foods. In order to build better atmosphere, we need a design for our meal perfectly. We are offering 3 healthy meal menus with breakfast, lunch and dinner plus accommodation. Our meals are completed vegetarian and we do not allow for non vegetarian. Our cocking space is clean and neat. Our supervisor is good administration in healthy victual. Our food cost is included in our fee structure. We welcome for people who eager to contribute to cooking exercise.

What is scenario for daily product?

Rishikesh is good place well established city. In Rishikesh, you can get all necessary need at the market. The market is close to the center. The local body has developed great market to make it available for all consumers in each area of Rishikesh. It is advisable to not worry about your stuff. There are any things you need related your routine items. It is important to keep your bag lighter for traveling in Rishikesh.

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