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Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala

Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala Dharamshala Dharamshala is a city located in a gorgeous state of mountains, forests and astonishing waterfalls called Himachal Pradesh in Northern India. The word Dharamshala is a blend of two words, dharma and shala which means ‘spiritual dwelling’ or ‘sanctuary’ in English. Dharamshala is the centre of the Tibetan outcast world in India. Following the 1959 Tib more ...

January 07, 2014


Tonsillitis Tonsillitis (ton-sill-lie-tiss) is an aggravation of the tonsils initiated by a spoiling. In tonsillitis, the tonsils are expanded, red, and regularly covered (either halfway or quite) by a substance that is yellow, light black, or white. Tonsillitis normally happens as a feature of pharyngitis (throat spoiling). Tonsillitis generally starts with sudden sore throat and frightful swallo more ...

January 16, 2014

Yoga Style Right for You

Yoga Style Right for You If you decide to learn and practice yoga, it is important to know and understand about which yoga style right for you. Learning yoga at yoga teacher training in India is an exciting experience. First, you should learn about different style of yoga. There is various style of yoga. Yoga become popular and developed over 5,000 years. The basic of yoga style is more on degree. more ...

September 24, 2013


Yoga Vrishabhasana has worthless benefits targeting physical, mental and spiritual problems. Yoga is capable of slowing down the process of aging and making your body more flexible and strong. Yoga helps in lessening the anxiety and tension in muscles. Yoga can effectively control blood pressure also. Yoga can provide good relief from allergy and asthma. Yoga can control thyroid condition and diab more ...

October 30, 2013

Jnana Yoga

Jnana Yoga Jnana yoga is one of the four principle ways of yoga and the most immediate way to achieve the objective depicted in the theory of advaita Vedanta: Self-acknowledgment. This is the most challenging way, obliging enormous quality of will and mind. Taking the reasoning of Vedanta the Jnana Yogi utilizes his brain to ask into its own particular nature. We discern the space inside and outsi more ...

January 24, 2014

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