Yoga Sutras Patanjali 26

Yoga Sutras Patanjali 26

35. Thus the unit of born conceived the correct action of aptitude, the touch, the vision, the taste and the force of odor of the otherworldly man.

The point when, in prudence of the never-ending present of the particularman, every day and hourly giving his life for his awesome sibling the otherworldly man, and through the brilliance constantly spilling down from the Higher Self, endless in the Heavens, the otherworldly man comes to life commencement, there conscious in him those forces whose physical partners we know in the individual man. The otherworldly man starts to see, to listen, to touch, to taste. What’s more, moreover the faculties of the otherworldly man, there gets up his psyche, that heavenly partner of the brain of the physical man, the force of  immediate and quick learning, the force of profound intuition, of divination. This force, as we have seen, owes its excellence to the solidarity, the progression, of cognizance, whereby whatever is known to any cognizance, is understandable by any different cognizance. Subsequently the cognizance of the otherworldly man, who exists above our restrictions of separateness, lies in independent touch with the cognizance of the extraordinary Companions, furthermore can draw on that unfathomable repository for all genuine necessities. Consequently emerges inside the otherworldly man certain information which is called instinct, divination, brightening.Patanjali resulted in these present circumstances earth to give this learning of yoga which came to be reputed to be the Yoga Sutras.

36. These forces remained in contradistinction to the most noteworthy profound vision. In indication they are called otherworldly powers.

The present interpreter is not exactly sure of the significance of the challenging sentence of which the above is offered as an interpretation. It has all the earmarks of being this: The heavenly man is predetermined to supersede the otherworldly man, as the profound man supersedes the common man. Here at this stage the devotee becomes a genius. This external forces of the serious man, otherworldly vision, listening to, furthermore touch, stand, in this way, in contradistinction to the higher awesome power above them, and must in no clever be viewed as the closure of the path, for the way has no close, yet climbs ever to ever more elevated glories; the soul’s development and awesome quality have no restriction. With the goal that, if the profound forces we have been considering are viewed as in any sense last, they are an obstruction, a boundary to the far higher forces of the awesome man. At the same time saw from beneath, from the point of view of typical physical experience, they are powers sincerely mystical; as the forces common to a four-dimensional being will seem mystical to a three-dimensional being.

37. Through the debilitating logic for bondage, by considering the technique for passing, the awareness is transferred to the next figure.

In due time, after the profound man has been framed and become stable through the powers and ethics as of recently enumerated, and after the faculties of the profound man have awaked, there comes the exchange of the predominant awareness, the feeling of uniqueness, from the physical to the otherworldly man. From there on the physical man is felt to be an optional, a subordinate, and an instrument through whom the otherworldly man works; also the profound man felt to be the right discrepancy. It might be said, the fulfillment to full salvation and everlasting life; yet it is not the last objective or resting spot, yet just the starting of the more stupendous way.The methods for this exchange are portrayed as the power lessening of the reason for subjugation, and a comprehension of the system for passing from the one cognizance to the next.

The primary may additionally be portrayed as separation, and originates from the success of the fancy that the individual self is the genuine man. The point when that daydream decreases and is kept under tight restraints, the finer cognizance of the otherworldly man starts to sparkle in the back-ground of the psyche. The exchange of the feeling of peculiarity to this finer cognizance, and consequently to the otherworldly man, then turns into a matter of memory, of consideration; essential, a matter of taking a deeper engage in the life and doings of the  otherworldly man, than in the delights or occupations of the for every sodality. In this way it is said: “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth degenerate, and where hoodlums get through and take: yet lay up for your-selves treasures in paradise, where not moth or rust doth degenerate, and where criminals don’t get through nor take: for where your fortune is, there will your heart be additionally.” The yoga retreat in Dharamshala follows different yoga sutras of Patanjali which is used for teaching different yoga styles.



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