Yoga Sutras Patanjali 21

Yoga Sutras Patanjali 21

12. While, emulating this, the regulated complex propensity furthermore the stirred one contentedness are just as equalized parts of the recognizing awareness, this is the advancement of one- sharpness.

This might appear to imply that the understanding which is called one-sharpness has two sides, similarly adjusted. There is in the first place, the complex part of any article, the total of all its characteristics and lands. This is to be held solidly in the brain. At that point there is the discernment of the item as a agreement, as a whole, the recognition of its pith. To begin with, the items must be plainly observed; then the quintessence must be appreciated. The point when the two methods are just as equalized, the accurate one-sharpness is achieved. Everything has accustomed with couple of sides, one is of contrast and the side of solidarity; there is the singular also there is the variety; the post of matter and dissimilarities, the handle of unity and soul. To see the item sincerely, we must see both.

13. Through this, the characteristic character, unique imprints what’s more states of being and forces, as per their development, are made clear.

By the force characterized in the former sutra, the intrinsic character, different stamps and states of creatures and forces are made clear. For through this force, as characterized, we get a twofold perspective of each one item, seeing without a moment’s delay all its individual qualities and its key character, species and sort ; we see it in connection to itself, and in connection to the Endless. Along these lines we see a rose as that specific bloom, with its shade and aroma, its curious fold of every petal; however we likewise see in it the species, the family to which it has a place, with its connection to all plants, to entire life. So at any time we see occasions and circumstances; we additionally see in it the lesson set for the soul by the Eternal.

14. Each article has its attributes which are as of now tranquil, those which are animated, and those which are not yet perceptible.

Each article has attributes apt with its prior. In a fir tree, for instance, there are the stumps or scars of dead limbs, which once spoke to its premier development; there are the limbs with their needles transmission out of the atmosphere; here are the blossoms at the close of every limb and twig, which convey the still nearly stuffed needles which are the guarantee of what’s to come. In like way, the chrysalis has, as its past, the caterpillar; as its future, the yet termly. The man has, in his past, the creature; in his future, the holy messenger. Both are obvious in his aspect. Thus all things change and develop. The perfect yoga depends on the following of yoga sutras of Patanjali.

15. Distinction in stage is the reason for contrast being developed.

This however opens up what has barely been said. The principal stage is the sapling, the caterpillar, the creature. The second stage is the developing tree, the chrysalis, the man. The third is the mind blowing pine, the butterfly, the holy messenger. Contrast of stage is the reason for distinction of improvement. So it is around men, what’s more around the races of men

16. Through flawlessly focused Meditation on the three phases of improvement comes information of past and future.

We have taken our representations from common science, since, since each correct revelation in common science is a divination of a law in nature, achieved through a glimmer of virtuoso, such findings truly speak to demonstrations of otherworldly for every  caption, demonstrations of recognition by the otherworldly man, despite the fact that they are for the most part oblivious.

So we might again utilize the same outline. Superbly concentrated Meditation, impeccable understanding into the chrysalis, uncovers the caterpillar that it has been, the colorful fly which bound to be. He, who knows the seed, knows the seed-unit on the other hand ear it has hailed from, and the plant that is to hail from it.So in like way, he who truly knows to-day, and the heart of to-day, knows its parent yesterday, and its kid tomorrow. Past, present and future areabided. Who stays in the Eternal knows each of the three.



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