Yoga Sutras Patanjali 14

Yoga Sutras Patanjali 14

41. To the immaculate of heart come likewise a calm soul, one-pointed thought, the triumph over erotic nature, and fitness to see the Soul.

Favored are the immaculate in heart, for they should see God, who is the inimitable Soul; a definitive Self of all living things. In most impression, incorruption involves health for this vision, and likewise a heart washed down from all restlessness, from all meandering and un-harnessed thought, from the torment of erotic imaginings; also when the soul is along these lines rinsed and immaculate, it gets to be at one basically with its source, the extraordinary Spirit, the primal Life. This awareness now offends over both, for the mental segment divider is broken down. At that point should the unadulterated in heart see God, on the grounds that they get to be God.

42. From acknowledgement, the supporter picks up bliss incomparable.

One of the clever has said: acknowledge conditions, acknowledge others, acknowledge yourself. This is the correct enlargement, for all these things are what they are through the will of the higher Self,  but their inadequacies, which live up to expectations frustrating the will of the higher Self, and could be prevailed over just through consistence with that will. By the accurate acknowledgement, the supporter comes into unity of soul with the overruling Soul; and, since the own-tendency of the Soul is, no doubt, bliss, rapture, he comes in this way into satisfaction matchless.

43. The flawlessness of the forces of the real vesture passes through the wearing without end of pollutions, and through intense goal.

This is correct of the physical forces, and of the aforementioned which stay in the higher vestures. There must be, to begin with, immaculateness; as the blood must be unadulterated, before one can accomplish physical health. At the same time nonattendance of debasement is not in itself enough; else might numerous nerveless monkish life of the houses rank as high holy persons.

There is required, further, a positive flame of the will; a sharp fundamental life for the physical powers, which are purer, stronger, however of related being, for the higher powers. The flame of virtuoso is something more than an expression, for there can be no virtuoso without the heavenly fire of the stirred profound will. The yoga retreat in Rishikesh follows the yoga sutras of Patanjali in teaching different types of yoga asanas

44. Through otherworldly perusing, the pupil picks up common union with the celestial Power on which his heart is situated.

Profound perusing implied, for aged India, something more than it does with us. That is to say, in the first place, the presentation of hallowed writings, which, in their extremely sounds, had mysterious potencies; and it implied a presentation of writings which were in themselves divinely radiated, and held in themselves the living, powerful pith of  the heavenly. For us, profound perusing means a communing with the recorded teachings of the Masters of insight, whereby we read ourselves into the Master’s personality, about as through his music one can enter into the brain and soul of the expert musician. Here it has been well said that all accurate craft is infection of feeling; so that through the accurate perusing of correct books we do for sure read ourselves into the soul of the Masters, and experience the atmocircle of their intelligence and force.

45. Soul=vision is idealized through impeccable dutifulness to the Master.

The distress and dimness of life happen to the failing for every sonal will which sets itself against the will of the conscience. The failure of the particular will is inevitable, thus each one will must be allowed to pick, to attempt and fall flat, thus to discover the way. Also distress and obscurity are inexorable, until the way is found, and the individual will made again unified with the more stupendous Will, wherein it discovers rest and force, without losing opportunity. In His will is our peace. Also with that peace comes light. Soul-vision is consummated through acquiescence

46. Right balance must be firm and without strain.

Here we approach an area of the showing which has manifestly a two-fold importance. The foremost is physical, and concerns the substantial position of the learner, and the regulation of relaxing. These things have their immediate impact upon soul- life, the life of the profound man, since it is dependably and each where correct that our study requests a sound personality in a sound figure. The present sentence proclaims that, for work and for reflection, the position of the figure must be consistent and without strain, in place that the finer momentums of life may run their course.

It applies further to the balance of the soul, that fine adjust furthermore steadiness which nothing can shake, where the cognizance rests on the firm establishment of profound being. This is to be sure the house set upon a rock, which the winds and waves beat upon in vain.



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