Yoga Sutras Patanjali 1

Yoga Sutras Patanjali 1

1. OM: the following employs after instruction within the union.

Union, here as continuously within the Scriptures of Asian country, suggests that union of the individual soul with the Over soul ; of the private awareness using the Divine Consciousness, whereby the mortal becomes immortal, as well as penetrates the everlasting. Therefore, solution is, primarily, independence from sin and also the sorrow that comes from sin, then a divine and eternal well-being, whereby the soul partakes of the being, the knowledge and glory of God.

2. Unification, spiritual brain, will be acquired as a result of command of the extremely flexible psychic nature.

The main objective is to gain total awareness of a religious man, illumined through the Divine Lighting. Nothing apart from this obdurate level of resistance with the psychic characteristics retains us again in the aim. The actual psychical powers usually are religious power function wild, perverted, driven using their proper channel. Consequently each of our primary activity is, to be able to regain or handle these perverted characteristics, to be able to chasten, cleanse and restore this missing power.

3. Then a Seer involves awareness throughout the appropriate dynamics.

Egotism is usually the perversion regarding psychic being. Ambition is the inversion associated with psychic spiritual power. Enthusiasm is the distortion regarding love. The mortal is the issue with the immortal. As the fake images allow destination to true, then a psychic person stands on luminous, as the solar, when the atmosphere disperse.

4. Heretofore the particular Seer has become enmeshed in the activities over the psychic nature.

The power and the life that are the patrimony of the spiritual man has been captured and tangled in psychic activities. Instead of being pure in the Divine thing, there has been anxious one, combative egoism, and its hand against all. Instead of light of the pure vision, there have been anxious senses and imaginary meetings. Instead of spiritual pleasure, not divided happiness of the pure being, there has been lacking in moderation in body and mind. These are all the real forces, but distorted of its real nature and target. They must be detached, like jewels of the counterfoil, like Marrow of the cane, of a constant way, without destructive violence. Spiritual powers have to be rescued of psychic meshes.

5. Psychical activities are five; they are followed by pleasure or of pain.

The psychic nature is constructed across the images creation to be able, the power that is behind and resides in the mind – pictures. These photos do not remain in rest in the mind; they are kinetic, I worry, stimulating to the new acts. This way, mentions the image of an indulgence he suggests and invites to a new one indulgence; the image of the happiness past is framed in lamentations or hopes. And it is not the incessant game of the will to know, of Registrar to the extract of the things, of classifying. This also, toils car incessantly with the images. So that we can classify the activities of the psychic nature.

6. These activities are: the sound intellection, intel-slightly solid lesson, the fantasy, the dream, the memory.

We have here a list of the mental and emotional faculties, of powers that image and it will see, and the powers this image and he feels. But the power to know and to feel is spiritual and immortal. What is needed is, not to destroy but to raise it from the psychic thing to the spiritual kingdom.

7. The elements associated with noise intellection are: primarily observation, inductive explanation, and reliable testimony.

Each of them is a spiritual, barely veiled power. Live broadcasting observation is the most external form of the pure vision of soul. Inductive reason is based on the main principles of continuity and correspondence, and these, on the supreme truth that any life is of the One. Trustworthy evidence, the distribution of soul in the wisdom of other one, is based on the ultimate unit of all souls.

8. Unsound intellection can false know, certainly not relaxing with a perception with the legitimate associated with involving issues.

The great example of the unhealthy intellection is materialism, so as to reality and eternity of soul is allocated evanescence and perishable that really belong to material things. This wrong reasoning, therefore, is based on an inversion of the true nature of things.

9. Phantasy is a fiction of simple words, without the need of fundamental fact.

It is possible to tell, perhaps, there is difference between imagination and fancy: the imagination is the image of invisible one thing, which is real, imagination, is the representation of the invisible things that are unreal. The power of the imagination has a wide course and the gamma. Ambition, therefore a man sets up in his mind the image of big, rich, himself, admired, to which all the men it must bow, it is a shape of ghost. The research of the wealth it is largely the imagination, for men who do not look for raw materials, but for food for their cowardice and presumptuousness. The fear of the death is an imagination, fed on the images of graves and funerals and black suits. All these are fictions, without reality.

10. Aspiration would be the psychic ailment which often rests about mind stats, just about all material thing currently being absent.

In the vigil life, we have two perception currents, one current expresses physical things seen and felt and perceived; an internal current of mind – image and thoughts. The present outside rent stops in the sleep, the continuous internal current, and to look the mind – image they float before the field of the conscience, it “dreams”.



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