Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga was taken from Yuj, a Sanskrit word that mean “to bondage, unite or stick together”. Yoga is working to join or integrate all human aspects both body-brain and brain-soul, to attain great pleasure. Yoga is used to create positive life with spiritual supreme. Yoga is one of 6 branches of standard philosophy. Yoga is referred to intact Vedas and oldest texts in existence. Vedas is an ancient Indian scriptures. The yoga Upanishad is a large idealist treat with postdates the Vedas and deal with natural soul and the universe. Yoga is faithfully accepted in origins of yoga knowledges. The stem from traditional yoga was handed down from yoga guru (spiritual master) to sisya (spiritual yoga student). It was the way back to the instigator of yoga. The rishi is someone who explore into reality and nature human inner world. There is a legend of yoga knowledge. Yoga was passed by Lord Shiva to his wife Parvati. Based on this story, there come into human life creatures.


Object of Yoga

Based on the yoga sutras of Patanjali, there is the eventual aim of yoga. Yoga is attaining of Kaivalya that means unrestraint or ultimate autonomy. Yoga is one inmost being or soul purusa. It has become free of cord and result karma with bind us to repetitive re embodiment. In Kaivalya, in order to exist in stillness and peace, yoga has attained absolute knowledge of different between spiritual. Yoga life goes on desire keep rolling inside the human being. The meaning of desire is where we create a boundary of self between the truth and man. People wishing arise cuddle sorrow and pain closure. With yoga, all pleasant and joys are found from the physical stuff. By creating ourselves spiritual, people can recognize the fact of yoga. Yoga is the spiritual sense. People with path of yoga will get a great reward for happiness, health, serenity and knowledge. Yoga knowledge is signed for growth and support human life to practice yoga continuously.

The Paths of Yoga

There are four main paths of yoga according to the Bhagavad Gita. This is the ultimate goal of yoga Kaivalya. There is a path of yoga knowledge Gyan Marga that learns between real and illusory, the path of yoga karma Marga that learn about altruistic work, the path of yoga Bhakti Marga that learn about the devotion and path of yoga Marga that learn about control of the mind. Raja yoga is involving mastery of mind and sense in Samadhi yoga. It is essentially developed Patanjali Ashtanga yoga. Hatha yoga is a type of yoga that learn about cultivating energy to arouse kundalini of asana and pranayama yoga. Mantra yoga is involving recite sacred syllable in order to reach perfection. Laya yoga is involving about absorption in God to ultimate bliss. Bhakti yoga is learning about absolute devotion to God in order to achieve ultimate goal. Karma yoga is used to achieve selfless work without personal reward. Gyan yoga is one of yoga knowledge that learns about cultivating discrimination between illusion and spiritual reality.

Yoga should be realized and there is no clear cut boundary between different paths of yoga and philosophy. There is an effective path of yoga in the same goal and tread the same terrain. There are various views of same topic but ultimate destination paths of yoga are the conduit.


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