Vastra Dhauti

Vastra Dhauti: Vastra dhauti is practiced using a cotton or linen cloth. A cotton or linen cloth of width equal five inches and length of seven meters is used for this process. Few fibres of the fabric might be left out when you cut the cloth to your required size. Thus one inch of the cloth on both the sides is left for stitching it. Thus the width of the dhauti should be four inches. Process: Boil the water to start with. Then dip the cloth into water. Beginners can add milk or honey to water so that the cloth when dipped in it becomes smooth enough to be swallowed easily. You must sit on your feet on the ground. Keep the mug that is containing water and cloth between your legs. Take one end of the fabric and place it on your tongue and try to swallow it slowly. When the cloth reaches the throat drink little water so that the cloth move down the throat with ease. You must try to swallow the whole cloth like this. You must try to practice without getting scared or nervous. You start by swallowing an inch of the cloth on the first day, one foot on the second day, two foot on the third and so on. You can gradually progress through process with continuous practice for few days. You cannot learn this process within a day. Through thorough practice you can learn to swallow the entire fabric one day. After swallowing the cloth entirely, if you know to practice nauli you can use it. Then slowly take the cloth out. You must be cautious to take the cloth within ten minutes. It you exceed this time limit you may have to face various other consequences. The cloth might get stuck while removing it. If this happens, you should not try to pull the cloth with force. You should drink some water so that the cloth gets lubricated and gets unknotted if it gets knotted by any chance. This can enable the cloth to be pulled out without any problem. The yoga teacher training program in Dharmasala offers you the best training for all these cleansing techniques under the supervision of the experts Precautions:

You must keep water nearby when you are practising this cleansing technique.

The fabric should be gradually swallowed but should not be chewed.

If the fabric gets stuck, you should not exert force to remove it. You should drink some water which lubricates the fabric. You should swallow some more fabric if possible. This approach will allow you to remove the stuck fabric with ease.

After practicing this technique you must thoroughly clean the fabric with soap and dip in hot water to which salt is added. This will clean any bacteria prevailing on the fabric. This cloth should then be thoroughly cleansed in water and dried in direct sun.

This technique should not be practiced without the supervision of an expert.


The cloth will clean the walls of the stomach effectively which promotes the secretion of digestive enzymes.

This technique is very much helpful for people suffering with mucus, phlegm and asthma.

This proves to be very effective technique to handle ulcers in stomach.

This technique deals with skin problems too.

Moolshodhan: It is the combination of two words ‘moola’ and ‘shodhana’. Moola means the root or base. In our context it means the anus. And ‘shodhana’ means to purify. Thus moolshodhana means the cleansing of anal area. This technique is effective in dealing with haemorrhoids and constipation. If the root part of the body is properly cleansed disorders with respect to apana vayu may arise. This may result in consequences like constipation and haemorrhoids. But moolshodhan is capable of eradicating all such issues.                                                        


पीतमूलस्य दण्डेन मध्यमा अंगुलिनाअपि वा |

चलेना क्षालयेदगुहां वारिणा पुनः पुनः || (घेरण्ड संहिता /४३)

It explains the technique of moolshodhana. The pulpy root of the turmeric plant is taken and cleaned properly. Then its skin is peeled off so that the medicinal juices ooze out. Then you must sit in squat position and insert this root into your anus. The root is in general four inches long. Approximately two to three inches of the root in inserted into the anus and left for atleast two to three minutes so that the medicinal juices of the turmeric root can spread through. Turmeric is well known for its anti-bacterial qualities. When it is left in the anus for two to three minutes in the anus it acts on the toxins present inside the body. Turmeric has a very good quality of absorbing pain and toxins from our body. After three minutes, you can remove the root and throw it away. In order to cure a problem like piles, this technique should be implemented atleast for a month.

Apart from this, there is one more technique mentioned in verse above. If the turmeric root is not available, you can use your middle finger. You can apply the ghee obtained from the cow milk on your middle finger and insert atleast one and half inch of your middle finger into your anus and turn your finger so that the ghee is applied in all the directions and take your finger out. Cow ghee is also well known for its medicinal purposes. Thoroughly wash your hand after taking it out. But you must be careful to cut your nails properly else your nail may cause problems like irritation when inserted inside your anus.

Advantages: this technique is very simple yet very effective

This technique activates the blood circulation from pulse to cells which enables the excretory system to function properly.

It can effectively clear the hardened stools that are accumulated in the excretory system.

Anus or rectum-related diseases like constipation and haemorrhoids can be exterminated.



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