Variety of Diseases Treated by Yoga

Variety of Diseases Treated by Yoga

Yoga is capable of healing almost all kinds of diseases. The basic reason for every disease and disorder is the man himself. Thus he can also become the reason to heal them through the practice of asanas, pranayama, mudras, bandhas, yama, niyama etc. This context deals with a variety of diseases, their symptoms and the yogic approach to heal them. However if you would like to use yoga techniques ot heal yourself, we request you to not stop any kind of medication that you have been already taking because yoga is a slow and steady process. Thus it might take some time to show up the results. This external medication can be stopped at the later stages when yoga actual start to work on your problem and your physicist approves it. Thus stopping any medication is not advised at any case.

Hernia can be of many types. The swelling may be seen below your lower abdomen also. This area is called inguinal area. Apart from this incisional hernia and femoral hernia also constitute other the types of hernia. All these type of hernias become severe when you are affected with cold and will be suppressed on their own later on. It might get unbearably painful at times.
Yogic Treatment
Paschimotta asana, janu seersha asana, yoga mudra and anuloma and viloma in pranayama, uddiyaana bandha among bandhas and prudhvi mudra among mudras work effective on this disease.
1. You should not ride on a cycle
2. You should not kick start a bike.
3. You should not life any heavy items.
4. You should strictly not practice any asana that involves turning or bending backwards.

Throat pain, sneezing, running nose, blocked nose, redness of eyes etc
Yogic Treatment
In order to generate heat in the body you should practice surya namskara, kapalbhati from shuddhi kriya, surya bhedan pranayama under neti and vaman kriya, surya mudra etc.
You should not take rice, banana, cashew, milk, etc.
Hard stools, incomplete evacuation, too fewer bowel movements, lethargy, depression are found.
Yogic Treatment
Tada asana, udar akarshana, kati chakrasana , bhujanga asana under surya namsakara, kona asana and any asana that provides torsion, nadi shodhana in pranayama, mahabandha in bandhas, aswini mudra in mudras and naulli and agnisaar kriya in shuddhi kriya can show the best result in dealing with constipation. Drinking lots of water apart from all these also works wonders on constipation.
The yoga teacher training in Goa provides the world known training to use yoga for the betterment of your health.
Sleeplessness, insomnia, loss of appetite, loss of interest in watching television or listen to radio, not interested in working, being sad are few symptoms of depression. Apart from these disappointment, frustration, feeling helpless, lack of enthusiasm, aversion towards pleasure, lack of concentration, absent mindedness, loss of memory also are the symptoms of depressions.
Yogic Treatment
Surya namaskar has proved to be very effective on depression. Chakrasana, setubandha asana, pavana muktha asana and shava asana are hepful to deal with depression. Along with these anuloma, viloma, bhramari, kapalbhati and other pranayama, vaman kriya and jal neti also work efficiently on depression.

Frequent urination, feeling weak and tired, body pains, frequent hunger and thirst, reduced insulin levels.

1. Pancreas does not secrete insulin
2. Body will not be able to effectively utilise the insulin secreted by pancreas
3. It is often diagnosed in most of the pregnant ladies due to insufficient secretion of insulin.
Yogic Treatment
Paschimotta asana, tada asana, vakra asana, surya namaskara, yoga mudra, vajra asana, saravanga asana, matsyasana, hala asana and anuloma and viloma in pranayama, nadi shodhana, moolabandha along with neti and vaman kriyas under shuddhi kriyas work efficiently in controlling diabetes.

Dehydration, feeling extremely weak and tired, feeling very thirsty (water mixed with glucose or lime and salt can work well in such situations). You should first consult your physician to confirm and follow his directions. We request to highly prefer to consult your physician in the cases of diarrhoea, heart problem and other such serious problems. Yoga should be your second priority in such cases.
The kichdi cooked with ghee for the practice of shankh prakshalana can be given to the patient to make him feel relaxed.

Heart Problems
There are a variety of heart problems such as heart failure, heart attack, heart cath, heart angioplasty etc.
High blood pressure, problem in the valve of heart, any disorder in lungs and kidneys, bacterial infections and being alcoholic might cause heart related complications.
1. You should have you medicines always in your vicinity.
2. Track your weight daily and consult your doctor if it increases more than half or one kilo per day.
3. You must strictly prohibit alcohol and regularly practice yoga.
4. If you notice swelling in your legs you should place your legs on a cuhion when you sleep.

Yogic Practice
Walking in the morning or evening, surya namaskar, siddha asana and yoga nidra and anuloma and viloma in pranayama nadi shodhana, Chandra bhedan, ujjayi can be practiced. You should strictly avoid practicing kapalbhati, bhastrika and surya bhedan. Practicing three bandhas might be helpful but hruday mudra will be highly beneficial.

Subjected to illness for too long time, fever, head ache, weakness, tiredness, dysentery, loss of weight, dry cough, if dysentery lasts for more than an week it implies HIV+, loss of memory, depression are all the symptoms of HIV+.

Yogic Treatment
Sarvanga asana, hala asana, matsayasana, setubandha asana, chakrasana, vajrasana and anuloma and viloma in pranayama, nadi shodhana, bhramari bhastrika and shankha prakshalana and amarouli in shuddhi kriya work effectively on HIV+.

Sour eructation, flatulence, indigestion, burning sensation in heart and lungs, pain in chest and stomach, gas formation in the stomach, chest infection, change in voice and pain in ear are the symptoms of acidity.
Drinking water early in the morning just after waking up can control acidity. Along with this you can include tulasi and amla churna both of which are highly efficient on acidity.
Yogic Treatment
Uddiyaana bandha, vajrasana, ushtasana, pavana muktasana, agnisaara kriya, vamana kriya, brahma mudra and yoga mudra are helpful for acidity.



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