Demoniac Power

Enjoyment derived from the demoniac power

The practice of yoga enables the yoga seeker to embrace the divine qualities, but on the contrary these qualities will be exterminated if the seeker gets fascinated by the materialistic pleasures and would result in demoniac influence of the power of these pleasures. Bhagwan Shri Krishna explained the features of these demoniac powers –

दम्बो दर्पोअभिमानश्चा क्रोधः पारुषयमेव च |

अज्ञानं  चाभिजातस्य पार्था सम्पदामासुरिम  ||

Pomposity, arrogance, self-vanity, anger and hardness, and also lack of spiritual knowledge mark the birth of the demonical state. Over here Bhagwan Shri Krishna explained about the demoniacal powers in a very brief order, because noble people in general emphasis more on positive content than negative ones. And those who always focus on negativities can never progress in any arena. Here Bhagvan Shri Krishna indicates to look for good qualities most often. Indian population alone sums upto more than 100 crores today. Each and every person is engraved with a blend of both good and bad qualities. If a person perceives only bad in every person he would become the worst being on the earth. On the contrary if he prefers to perceive God in every person and grabs only good from every person, he would not remain a simple seeker in his life. He would be blessed to become a saint and would be offered the ultimate post.


Bhagwan Shri Krishna also advices Arjun that he is a yogi and blessed with divine qualities and thus you will surely be entitled with success. On the other hand the ill influences of a sinful person bind the seeker with confusion and sorrow and deprive him of his inner personality development. Thus demoniac powers can only cause bondage.



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