Yoga Sutras Patanjali 34

Yoga Sutras Patanjali 34

18. The developments of the psychic nature are ceaselessly objects of observation, since the Spiritual Man, who is the master of them, remains constant.

Here is instructing the very pinnacle of import, both for understanding and for practice. To the psychic nature have a place all the ebb and stream of feeling, all trusting and dreading, longing and disdain: the things that make the incomprehensible number of men and ladies consider themselves blissful or hopeless. To it additionally have a place the measuring and comparing, the mistrust and addressing, which, for the same multitude, make up mental life. So that there comes about the feeling drenched psyche, with its dull and restricted perspective of life: the shuddering, fear driven psyche that is life itself for all be that as it may all of humanity. Yet the identity is not the correct man, not the living soul whatsoever, however just a scene which the correct man watches. Understand this, accordingly, and attract yourself up internally to the tallness of the Spiritual Man, who, remaining in the peaceful light of the Eternal, looks down quiet upon this turmoil of the external life. One first bosses the psyche, the “brain,” by hence looking down on it from above, from inside; by relentlessly watching its ebb and stream, as destination, outward, and thusly not the genuine Self. This remains in the initial stage, partitioning. The second, to administer the vantage-ground finally raised that in memory.

19. The Mind is not self-luminous, since it might be seen as an item.

This is a further venture to ousting the oppression of the “brain”: the psychic nature of feeling and mental measuring. This psychic self, the disposition, cases to be supreme, declaring that life is for it and through it; it looks to force all in all being of man its limited, materialistic, shifty perspective of life and the universe ; it might fain cut the wings of the flying Soul. Be that as it may the Soul deposes the dictator, by observing and relentlessly insisting that the psychic self is no accurate self whatsoever, not self-glowing, however just an object of observation, viewed by the quiet eyes of the Spiritual is not a plan of feelings.Yoga sutras of Patanjali have in like manner been unmistakably portrayed as “union with the magnificent” in diverse settings and traditions.

20. Nor could the Mind in the meantime know itself and things outer to it.

The reality of the situation is that the “psyche” knows none, of these outer things nor itself. Its measuring and investigating, its trusting and trepidationing, scorning and coveting, never provide for it a correct measure of life, nor any feeling of true qualities. Constantly dynamic, it never truly accomplishes learning; or, when we concede its information, it ever misses the point of shrewdness, which comes just by aptitude, observation of the Spiritual Man. Life can’t be known by the “psyche,” its privileged insights can’t be taken in through the “psyche.” The verification is the incessant strife and inconsistency of slant around the individuals who confide in the psyche. A great deal less can the “brain” know itself, the all the more in this way, since it is plagued by the figment that it verifiably knows, positively is Correct learning of the “brain” comes, initially, when the Profound Man, emerging, stands withdrew, with respect to the “psyche” from above, with calm eyes, and seeing it for the tangled web of psychic compels that it sincerely is. Be that as it may the fact of the matter is divined long when it is plainly seen, and after that starts the long skirmish of the “mind” against the Real, the “brain” battling angrily, cunningly, for its amazingness. Its honor established in disrespect stands, and confidence unfaithful makes it dishonestly accurate.The yoga teacher training in Rishikesh follows the yoga sutras in improving different yoga styles.

21. Assuming that the Mind be considered seen by an alternate more internal Mind, then there might be an unlimited arrangement of perceiving Minds, and a disarray of memories.

One of the expedients by which the “brain” looks to deny also foil the Soul, when it feels that it is starting to be dodged and seen through, is to state that this seeing is the work of a piece of itself, the one part observes the other part, and in this way leaving no requirement nor place for the Spiritual Man.

To this method the contention is contradicted by our philosopher, that this might be no accurate result, yet just a postponement of the result. For we may as well need to discover yet an alternate some piece of the mind to see the first observing part, and at that point an alternate to watch this, etcetera, interminably. The correct result is, that the Spiritual Man looks down upon the psychic nature, and watches it; when he sees the psychic picture-exhibition, this is “memory,” which might be a sad, inseparable disarray, in the event that we thought about one some piece of the “psyche,” with its memories, seeing an alternate part, with memories of its own. The result of the secret lays not in the “brain” however past it, in the glowing life of the climbed Lord, the Spiritual Man.



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