Yoga Sutras Patanjali 20

Yoga Sutras Patanjali 20

9. One of the rising degrees is the improvement of Control. In the first place there is the overcoming of the psyche inspire of excitation. At that point comes the appearance of the mind*impress of Control. At that point the observing cognizance trails the minute of Control. This is the advancement of Control.

This is a challenging sentence. Its importance appears to be this: Some item enters the field of perception, and from the get go fiercely energizes the psyche, mixing up interest, trepidation, wonder; at that point the awareness returns upon itself, sort of, and takes the recognition solidly under control, steadying itself, and review the matter tranquilly from above. This steadying exertion of the will upon the observing awareness is Control, and quickly upon it accompanies recognition, comprehending, understanding.

Take a trite case. Assuming one is strolling in Indian woods. A charging elephant abruptly shows up. The man is energized by surprise, and, maybe, fear. Anyhow he practices an exertion of will, observes the circumstances in its actual heading, and distinguishes that a certain thing must be carried out; hence, likely, that he must escape the route as rapidly as would be prudent.

Alternately a comet, unheralded, shows up in the sky like a blazing sword. The viewer is from the get go surprised, maybe fear stricken; yet he takes himself under control, controls his considerations,  sees the nebulous vision smoothly, and at last figures its circle and its connection to meteor showers. These are compelling representations; yet with all information, the request of observation is the same: initially, the excitation of the mind by the new protest urged it; then the control of the mind from inside; whereupon takes after the recognition of the nature of the article. Where the eyes of the profound man are open, this will be a correct and entering otherworldly discernment.

In some such way do our living encounters come to us; to start with, with a stun of torment; then the Soul steadies itself and controls the torment; then the soul recognizes the class of the incident, and its bearing upon the ongoing disclosure of life.Yoga Sutras of Patanjali have turned into the most imperative content of Yoga.

10. Through successive redundancy of this method, the soul gets accustomed to it, and there emerges an equable stream of observing cognizance.

Control of the brain by the Soul, for example control of the muscles by the brain, stops by practice, and consistent voluntary repetition. As a case of control of the muscles by the psyche, take the unending practice by which an artist picks up dominance over his instrument, or a fencer picks up ability with a cutlass. Innumeracy-capable little exertions of consideration will make an effect which appears well-near marvelous; which, for the beginner, is truly miraculous. At that point consider that significantly more celestial tool, the keen personality, played on by that fine artist, the Soul.

Here once more, countless little endeavors of consideration will accumulate into dominance, and an authority aid leading. For a Cement case; take the slow victory of regularity, the action to live that day for the Soul. To him that is unwavering unto passing, the Master gives the crown of life.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali characterizes yoga as “the stilling of the changing states of the brain.

11. The continuous triumph of the psyche’s inclination to dance starting with one item then onto the next, and the force of one=pointedness, make the advancement of Meditation.

As an outline of the psyche’s inclination to flutter from one item to an alternate, take a little kid, taking in number juggling. He starts : two ones are two ; three ones are three — and afterward he thinks about three coins in his pocket, which will buy so much confection, in the store down the road, by the toy-shop, where are base-balls, marbles et cetera, — and after that he returns with a rascal ; to four ones are four So with us likewise. We are looking for the significance of our undertaking, however the psyche takes advantage of a minute of loosened consideration, and bounces off from one frivolous item to an alternate, till we all of a sudden return to consciousness in the wake of navigating alliances of space. We must figure out how to prevail over this, and to about-face inside ourselves into the pillar of discerning awareness itself, which is a pillar of the Over- soul. This is the accurate one-sharpness, the carrying of our awareness to a center in the soul. The yoga retreat in Goa follows the yoga sutras of Patanjali in teaching different types of yoga asanas.



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