Yoga Sutras Patanjali 16

Yoga Sutras Patanjali 16

52. Consequently is worn away the shroud which conceals the light.

The cloak is the psychic nature, the web of feelings, longings, contentious trains of thought, which conceal and dark reality by retaining the whole consideration and keeping the consciousness in the psychic domain. The point when trusts and reasons for alarm are figured at their actual worth, in examination with enduring possessions of the Soul; when the external impressions of things have

stopped to occupy us from inward substances ; when contentious  thought no more catches us, however yields its place to glimmering  instinct, the sureness which springs from inside, then is the  shroud worn away, the cognizance is drawn from the psychical to the profound, from the transient to the Eternal. At that point is the light disclosed?

53. Thus conies the brain’s energy to hold itself in the light.

It has been well said, that what we most requirement is the workforce of otherworldly consideration ; and, in the same course of thought it has been persuasively proclaimed that petition to God does not comprise in our getting God’s consideration, but instead in our permitting God  to hold our consideration. The essential matter is, that we have to unravel our consciousness from the boisterous and irritated thralldom of the psychical, and to come to awareness as the profound man. This we must do, in the first place, by sanitization, through the Commandments and the Rules ; and, second, through the workforce of profound consideration, by relentlessly noticing perpetual fine suggestions of the profound power inside us, and by planning our consciousness thereto; subsequently by degrees exchanging the middle of cognizance from the psychical to the profound. It is a question, first and foremost, of adoration, and after that of consideration.

54. The right Withdrawal is the separating of the forces from trap in external things, and their come back to the quality of awareness.

To comprehend this, let us look after the techniques, and assume of the one cognizance, focused in the Soul, bit by bit expanding and undertaking the manifestation of the distinctive insightful powers; the one will, in the meantime, separating itself into the changed forces of movement. Presently let us envision this to be switched, so the profound energy, which has gone into the separated forces, is once more assembled into the internal force of instinct and profound will, assuming that solidarity which is the corridor sign of profound things, as differences is the seal of material things.

It is every one of a matter of affection for the nature of profound consciousness, as against psychical cognizance, of affection and attention. For where the heart is, there will the fortune be additionally; where the awareness is, there will the vesture with its forces be created. The yoga retreat in India follows the yoga sutras of Patanjali in teaching different types of yoga asanas.

55. Immediately takes after flawless authority over the forces.

The point when the profound condition which we have portrayed is arrived at, with its virtue, balance, and enlightened vision, the profound man is coming into his legacy, and picking up complete authority of his forces. In reality, a great part of the battle to keep the Commandments furthermore the Rules has been making ready for this authority; through this very battle and offering the authority has ended up conceivable; about as, to utilize Saint Paul’s metaphor, the competitor picks up the authority in the challenge and the race, through the offering of his long and exhausting preparing. In this manner he picks up the crown.



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