Vasti Karma

Vasti Karma

Vasti karma is another kind of cleansing technique. Vasti karma is of two types – jal vasti and sthal (dry)  vasti. Sthal vasti is also known as pushka vasti. It is not safe to be practice by everyone. Thus we discuss only about jala vasti here. This kriya is observed under water.


1.Stand in Utkatasana posture under water and observe aswini mudra i.e., contract and expand your anus
2.Due to this action, water enters into the body with force and expels out when anus releases. Hence all the foreign elements residing in the large intestine will be washed out along with water.
3.This kriya can be done in another method also. That method makes use of pipe and enema.

In order to increase the pressure of water, you should increase the level of water and insert the pipe into your rectum. Consequently water will enter into the large intestine. All the water along with all the impurities will get expelled out once the pipe is removed.

1.Your mind will be blissful.
2.Large intestine will be purified and the impurities will get washed away thoroughly.
3.If is very useful for people suffering with constipation and piles.
4.It also promotes the beauty of the body and makes it attractive.
5.As the heat in large intestine is exterminated the resultant complication are eliminated.

Neti is also one of the types of shatkarma. Neti is of two types primarily – jal neti and sutra neti. Apart from these two, scriptures have defined few other types also namely dugdh neti, tel neti, ghuth neti etc. But milk, ghee and oil which are needed for these techniques are contaminated with chemicals. Thus they cannot be used for these kriyas. Therefore we confine out discussion to jal neti and sutra neti.

Jal Neti

1.Add salt to lukewarm water in a neti pot. Take it into right hand such that you can hover the neti pot onto your right nostril. Let the water slowly into your right nostril by gradually lifting up the neti pot and bending your head towards your left.
2.After few seconds, right nostril gets filled up and water starts coming out from the left nostril.
3.After this clean your nose and try to practice on the other side.

After practicing jal neti, you should stand up and slightly bend forward and place your hands on your knees and lift your body downwards. You should practice kapalbhati in this posture for atleast 20 times. Then you must raise your head up towards right and left sides and practice kapalbhati for 20 repetitions on each side. Consequently all the water stuck inside will be eliminated out. If you practice kapalbhati for 20 repetitions on each side, you will be endowed with all the benefits of neti. Moreover you experience a divine feel in your head and prepares you for the immediate practice of dhyana (meditation).

Sutra Neti

After jal neti you can continue to practice sutra neti. Now a days, sutra neti is replaced by rubber neti as it is easily available in any medical store.


1.Take rubber catheter of 4 or 5 number size. Boil it in water properly. Remove it from hot water and allow it cool. Then try to gradually insert the thinner end of the rubber catheter into your right nostril.
2.If the catheter gets stuck anywhere do not pull it with force. Stop the process for 5 – 10 seconds and carefully try to push it in forward direction again.
3.When you can sense that the catheter has reached your throat area, you should insert your middle and index fingers into your mouth and try to hold the catheter and pull it out slowly. Also you must try to move it to right, left, forward and backward.
4.After this process remove the catheter from your mouth and clean it thoroughly. Now repeat these steps on the other nostril.
5.Both of these netis can be observed either in sitting or standing postures.
6.After observing neti you must pour few drops of pure concentrated almond oil in both the nostrils.


1.Sutra neti is proved to be highly efficient in dealing with sinus and bone growth.
2.Practice of this neti relaxes your brain and you will be relieved of all tensions.
3.This kriya is effective if your brain is subjected to stimulation or it is heated up or epilepsy.
4.This neti helps in promoting the concentration of brain during meditation and results in opening of third eye i.e., it awakens the agyna chakra.



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