Diseases Treated by Yoga

Diseases Treated by Yoga

Deficiency of haemoglobin in blood, paleness, weakness, tiredness, chest pain, declination in respiration, pain in stomach, loss of weight etc are the symptoms of anemia.
Yogic Treatment
Paschimottasana, sarvanag asana, matsya asana, hala asana, surya namaskara and nadi shodhana, anuloma and viloma, Chandrabhedan and ujjayi in pranayama and neti and kapalabhati in shuddhi kriya can be practiced to deal with anemia.

Being tensed or nervous, shivering of body, doubtfulness, palpitation, exaggeration, sweating, breathing problem are the symptoms of anxiety.
Yogic Treatment
Uttana padasana (initially with each leg and with both legs later on), bhujanga asana, yoga mudra, vakra asana, ardha matsyendra asana, surya namaskara, yoga nidra and anuloma and viloma in pranayama, nadi shodhan, bhastrika, bhramari, chandrabhedan and vamana kriya, neti and tratak in shuddhi kriya are very helpful.
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Experiencing pain in any of the joints in the body is a symptom of arthritis. It is of three types.
1. Osteoarthritis – mostly seen in old people
2. Rheumatoid arthritis – found in all ages
3. Gouty arthritis – often found in young people
Yogic Treatment
Yogic sukshma vyayama and yoga nidra are very helpful for arthritis. Anuloma, viloma, nadi shidhana, bhramari, ujjayi in pranayama and kapalabhati, vamana kriya and neti in shuddhi kriya are highly beneficial for arthritis.

The congestion of passage into lungs causes asthma. Dry cough, reduction in respiration, allergy, running nose etc are the symptoms of asthma.
Yogic Treatment
Gomukhasana, Uttana manduka asana, parvatasana, surya namasakara, sarvanaga asana, marjari asana, ushtrasana, setubandhasana, vaddh padmasana and practice of shwasan and anuloma and viloma of pranayama, nadi shodhana and kapalabhati, neti, vastra dhaut and vamana dhuati in shuddhi kriya are highly efficient in dealing with asthma.
People suffering with asthma should not eat rice and non-vegetarian food. They should have only vegetarian food and should abstain from milk and paneer too.

Back Ache
Yogic Treatment
Bhujangasana A, B, C, D and all the yoga asanas that involve turning or bending backwards are good for back ache. But you should not practice any asana which involves bending forward. Anuloma and viloma in pranayama, nadi shodhana, ujjayi, bhramari etc can be practiced. Vaman kriya also is helpful for back ache.

 High Blood Pressure
It is also called as hyper tension. The main reason for this is the kind of lifestyle we lead today.
Obesity, feeling heaviness in head, reduction of respiration, feeling very tired, sleeplessness, tightness in chest, redness of face and ears, etc are the symptoms of high blood pressure.
Yogic Treatment
Vajrasana, gomukhasana, padmasana, vakrasana, ardha salabhasana, makara asana, pavana muktasana, ardha matsyendra asana, vrikshasana, tada asana and shava asana and asanas under pranayama such as anuloma, viloma, nadi shodhana, chandrabhedan, sheetali, ujjayi and bhrmari pranayama and dhyana are helpful for high blood pressure. Vyana mudra is highly efficient in this case.

Low Blood Pressure
It is also called as hypotension. It is the reverse case of hyper tension.
Irregular heart rate, reduction of respiration, chest pain and decrease of blood volume are the symptoms of low blood pressure.
Yogic Treatment
Surya namskara, matsya asana, ushtra asana, chakra asana improve the blood circulation. Therefore they are useful asanas for low blood pressure. Under pranayama one can practice surya bhedan, nadi shodhana, bhastrika and kapalabhati which are also considered very efficient. But you should not practice shavasana. Moola bandha, jalandhara bandha and uddiyana bandha are considered to be very helpful for low blood pressure.

Cough due to infection in lungs etc are its symptoms. Asthma and bronchitis are almost similar. Therefore their symptoms and treatments are also almost similar.  Vayu mudra is very efficient in this case.

Cancer can affect any part of the body. When it affects lungs, blood and mucus are seen. If it affects breast, it causes pain and swelling in tissues. You should immediately consult your physician and follow his directions if affected by cancer.
Yogic Treatment
Surya namaskara is very helpful for cancer and nadi shodhana, anuloma, viloma, bhramari and ujjayi in pranayama and amarouli also are helpful for cancer.

In order to get relieved from this disorder surya namaskara should be resorted to.Along with this sarvanga asana, halasaan, matsyasana, setubandhasana, yoga mudra, chakrasana, vakrasana, etc can also alleviate nervousness. Anuloma, viloma, nadi shodhana, ujjayi in pranayama and kapalabhati in shuddhi kriya and the three bandhas are highly efficient to eliminate nervousness.

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