Useful Tips for Practice of Meditation

Useful tips for Practice of Meditation
It is better not to emphasize pressure on eyes and brain during meditation. One should not force mind either. Doing so will make the mind suffer from disorders. It will also pose a war with you. You will start to experience tiredness as a consequence of this. You may also get affected by frequent headaches. Thus if the mind is fickle natured let it be. If it wants to wander let it go. Instead of trying to holding it back you must try to investigate its movements. The objects to which the mind clings during meditation should be observed and your daily routine should be changed in order to develop indifference to those objects so that the mind naturally stops thinking about them. Gradually the mind gets tamed and gets into your total control and focuses on meditation with stability.


Initially limit the duration of meditation to short time periods. It can be gradually increased as you progress. Our yoga teacher training  in Rishikesh is famous for imparting such simple techniques in the practice of meditation.

If you insist more pressure during meditation, you will experience exhaustion. In such case you must reduce the time duration of meditation for few days. You can continue with light meditation and can resume it once you revert your energy.


During the practice of meditation one might experience inconvenience due to the posture because generally any one would sit in either padmasan or siddhasan for meditation. This physical inconvenience might cause disturbance to meditation. You can change your posture when you like to eliminate this problem. That is if you have started the meditation in padmasan you change to siddhasan or vajrasan. If you have started in siddhasan you can change to padmasan. You can aslo take the support of wall. But one should be mindful to keep up his spine staright. It should not be bent. If the spine is bent you cannot succeed in meditation. In this way when mind stabilizes after a great deal of effort, physical inconveniences might ruin all the effort. Our teacher training program in India headed by experienced faculty train the trainees with simple yet effective techniques to overcome such impediments.



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