Shankh Prakshalan

Shankh Prakshalan

This kriya is also called as kaya kalpa kriya as your body is reconstructed freshly every time you practice this cleansing technique. Through this kriya the toxins from the body are efficiently eliminated and consequently new and pure elements are recreated. As this technique involves the usage of water, it is also known as vaarisaar.

Today’s lifestyle made man so busy that it is just next to impossible to find time to take care of his body and health. However he definitely finds time to look after his vehicles. For that a matter even if an individual uses a bicycle, he will have to at the least spend time to grease it regularly. But we generally tend to completely ignore our body and health inspite of being aware of the fact that human life and health are the most precious. Instead our lifestyle forces us to just fill the stomach somehow and get absorbed into work. Eventually we forget all about the needs and requirements this priceless machine. If you are attacked by some illness it is simply suppressed by the usage of medicine. The consequences of this are faced at the later stage of life.

We have never tried to clean our stomach or intestine till date. But we have frequently heard doctors mentioning that our intestine is almost 32 feet long and is stuffed in the limited area available. If crap or rotten food gets stuck under the layers of our stomach muscles, the decomposition gets triggered. The muscle tends to become weak due to which, many complication may arise related to stomach. Some of these complications might consequently result in dangerous diseases too.

But through the practice of shankh prakshalan technique, one can live without being affected by any disease.

Getting Ready

In order to practice this technique, one should talk light diet the night before like fruits or khichdi before 9 pm. And you should sleep before 10pm. You should not take tea or breakfast in the morning. You should practice the five asanas that are mentioned below for atleast a week prior to the practice of shank prakshalan. This will make the practice of shankh prashalana easy.

Take 6 to 7 liters of lukewarm water. Add 30 to 40 grams of salt to it. And also add juice of one or two lemons. But you should be cautious to not to add lemon juice if you suffer with joint ailments. You can just add salt in that case. If you have high blood pressure, you should not add salt but can add only lemon juice. If you have no high blood pressure or gaseous trouble you can add both salt and lemon juice.

This kriya should not be observed in a closed room. You must choose a place wher you can avail fresh air and also one should make a not choose place closer to the toilet. Five important asanas are directed for the practice of shankh prakshalan. They are (1) tadasana  (2)tiryak tadasana (3) kati chakrasana (4) udaraakarshan and (5) tiryak bhujangasana. Along with these five you can practice three more helpful asanas. They are (1) pavan muktasana (along with rolling) (2) vipareet karani and (3) nauli. These three along with five asanas mentioned earlier will make shankh prakshalan kriya much easier. Let us have a look into the description of these asanas.

Tadasana: Tadasana expands elev duct, stomach and intestines due to which the water moves into small intestine.

A.Keep your heels slightly apart and raise both of your arms and lock your fingers. Raise your heels gradually up while inhaling simultaneously and stretch yourself to extent possible.

B.Then exhale and release your body.

2.Tiryak Tadasana:

A.Raise your hands up and lock your fingers and stretch just like in tadasana. Then inhale and fill in air in your lungs and bend towards your left side. Stay in this position for a while.

B.Get back to erect position while exhaling the air out. Then bend towards right while inhaling air in. Hold in this position for a while and release back to erect posture while exhaling the air out. Now you get to normal position and relax.

3.Kati chakrasana

A.Keep both of your legs two to three foot wide. Raise your hands horizontally up such that they are parallel to the ground.

B.Turn your body towards your left with feet firm on ground while inhaling the air in. Simultaneously, put your right hand on your left shoulder and roll your left hand to right of your waist.

A.Try to look at your right heel holding still in this posture.

B.Repeat the same process on the other side too.


A.Keep both of your legs one feet apart from each other and sit in squat position.

B.Place both of your hands on your knees.

C.While inhaling air in, make your right knee touch your left toe and try to look towards your left shoulder.

D.Continue to hold in this posture for a while and revert back to normal position.

E.Repeat the same procedure on the other side too.



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