Officials of Yoga

Officials of Yoga

Swami Swatmaram Maharaj writes in Hathayoga Pradeepa:

युवा  वृद्धोथियुद्धो  व व्यधिथे दुर्वलोपि  वा  |
अभ्यस्थ  सिद्धिमाप्नोति  सर्वयोगेश्वत्ऩन्द्रितः ||

Yoga can be practiced by anyone, be it young, old, patient or sick. One has to leave his lethargy and exercise to attain many divine capabilities.

Dattathreya Maharaj says:

ब्राह्मणः श्रमणों वापी भौद्धो वाप्यर्दो अथवा |
कापालिकों वा चार्वाकः  श्रद्धया  सहितः  सुधीः |
योगबयासारथो नित्यां सर्वसिद्धिमवाप्नुयात्  ||

One who practices yoga, whether he is a brahmin or one who follows vedic dharma or even a sanyaasi, or a Bhuddhist or a Jain, a master of witchcraft or an atheist who does not believe in god, even if such a person understands Yoga with perseverance and daily practices and exercises then he will certainly attain all the prescribed sidhis or capabilities.


To attain success in yoga one need not be an actor, neither does he needs to master any sacred hymns nor have staunch belief in any hindu god. As one has believe in doctors knowledge such keen belief is needed in Shastras or ancient texts or in Guru, the yoga teacher’s sayings. To practice yoga one need not be bounded by any religion or have religious believes, he need not be bounded by age or gender. Anyone can practice yoga, irrespective of gender or age.

You can be follower of any religious text, say a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim, a jain, a Sikh or a Buddhist, this does not deter you from practicing yoga, it does not differentiate by your religion, you need not change your religion or need not do religious transformations or needn’t change your religious faith, you can learn Yoga and you can exercise or practice yoga. You can succeed in yoga with lot of faith, hard work and belief in yourself and also attain great capabilities, reach your goals and attain the highest stage in your life. Hence we at yogaFaculty welcome everyone irrespective of caste creed religion and region to join us and learn yoga. We also encourage every interested individual to undergo our yoga teacher training programs provided at Goa, Rishikesh and Dharmasala at their convenience so that they can in turn impart the knowledge they have acquired.

Financial status is not a criteria to learn Yoga, everyone is eligible, those living in Bungalows or those living in slums, rich or poor anyone can. Do we get any different light from a mud lamp than a gold lamp? Light is same. So is yoga for everyone. Everyone must learn Yoga. Because of the kind of internal satisfaction and correspondingly a better life yoga provides. Everyone in this world leads a sorrowful life, saddened by misdeeds and misfortunes by all works of life. All these sorrows can be left behind using the yoga and make your life more at peace. And the end attains the moksha. YogaFaculty strives to enable every individual to perceive his happiness and lead a peaceful and content life.

Like physical strength lets you win any competition for example; to win a running race in any level say National or International you need a lot of physical strength and expertise to excel. Similarly the internal or spiritual energy brings out good in any man, and such a man who has high spiritual energy excels in this world.

Only the one who performs yoga attains such internal or Spiritual energy. Yoga is the source to earn such spiritual energy. There are many kinds of activities famous on the name of yoga. But yoga is one such a great activity, which brings out a sashwath dham, eternal state and eternal happiness.

Yogic kriya or Yogic activity brings our human beings out of their vicious sphere of life and lets them attain the utmost bliss. It is needed for any human being in this world. Because, the spiritual knowledge attained through yoga lets you earn all the materialistic wealth and also lets you see the god himself.

If you want to achieve anything or if you have any desires or if you need success then you need to adopt the path of yoga. A Student who does yoga fetches good academic grades, a married man or a householder who practices yoga can lead his family centered life peacefully without any hassles, a politician or a business who performs yoga can be more vigilant and careful in his thought. He would be able to work precisely for longer time and take appropriate decisions without getting tired and thus acquire many laurels. YogaFaculty motivates people to benefit through yoga in order to excel in every sphere of their lives.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s and Mahatma Gandhi’s secret of stable health and success in life is regular practice of yoga. The kith and kin of these great people admit this fact without any hesitation. On the walls of Pandit Nehru Niwas, Allahabad, there is still a pose of Nehru doing Seershasan which stands proof for above the statement.

Even Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s secret to highly proactive self has been attributed to few yogic exercises.

If you are an established personality, a politician, a teacher, a mentor, a scientist, an author, a writer, a doctor, or an engineer, to reach your targets you need not worry just leave aside all shyness or your doubts and you should reach out to yoga teacher who is an expert in yoga. Or you can always look out for YogaFaculty in such circumstances, as we would provide you the perfect environment and motivation not only to learn and practice yoga but also to implement its benefits in your life to make the most of it.



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