Now we will discuss about the cleansing technique which can eradicate all kinds of diseases. We are going discuss about Nauli Kriya here. It is of three types – madhyama nauli, vama nauli and dakshin nauli. Nauli can be practiced in both sitting and standing postures.



1.It is easier to do this kriya in standing posture.
2.Stand keeping both of your legs one feet apart. Lean forward slowly and keep both of hands on your knees. Moving your head a little forward and exhale all the air from your lungs and initially impose uddiyan bandh.
3.After uddiyan bandh pressing your hands against your knees try to practice madhyama nauli.
4.Once you practice madhyama nauli, press only your left hand against your knee. This would constitute bayi nauli or vama nauli. And the same thing done with right hand is called as dakshina nauli. You can practice to perform nauli on both sides too.
5.The practice of agnisaar and uddiyan bandh prior to the practice of nauli will make the practice easier and simpler.

1.One should not practice nauli kriya if he suffer with any ailments in stomach.
2.You should not practice nauli if have high blood pressure, appendicitis, nutritious ulcer or any wounds in intestines.
3.Pregnanat ladies should not practice nauli. They can practice it after six months post-delivery.


1.Nauli kriya is efficient in activating manipura chakra.
2.It is effective on stomach.
3.It can eradicate hernia.
4.It is capable of exterminating all the problems related to stomach.


Sit in any meditative posture. Keep a candle one meter distant from you and lit it up. Look at its flame with all your concentration. When you feel tired of it, close your eyes and continue to meditate over the flame by contemplating its image in your mind. You can start by practicing it for half minute initially. You can extend the time of concentration to over 5 to 10 minutes based on your interest, ability and temperament. When you get into deep meditational Trans you will be able to see various entities like sages and gods. If you feel any irritation in your eyes or if you feel them heavy, you should immediately wash your face with cold water and open your eyes. This will relax your eyes and improves your vision.
Note: One should not practice tratak wearing glasses.

1.नेत्ररोगा विनश्यन्ति –  it means that the practice of tratak will eradicate all the diseases or complications related to eyes. It makes your eyes look brighter.
2.The wishes, desires and fantasies suppressed in mind will all be erased. Thus leaving the mind afresh and delighted.
3.It improves your memory and makes your eyes more attractive. It keeps insomnia and irritability away from you.
4.Mind becomes peaceful and serious. Concentration and will power will improve.
5.दिव्यदृष्टि प्रजायते – you will be endowed with divya drishti (divine revelation). It awakens the agnya chakra.
6.शाम्भवी जायते ध्रुवम – it enables you to achieve shambhavi mudra.



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