Mudras can Empower you with Divine Powers

Our universe is made up of five basic elements. Earth, water, fire, air and ether are the five basic elements which form the basis for construction of every minute part of the universe. These five basic elements are maintained in equal proportions by nature. Entire universe will have to face the consequences in case these proportions are tampered with. In fact, this asymmetry can be caused by man alone.
Earthquakes occur due to imbalance in earth element.
Floods occur when there is an imbalance in water element.
Volcanoes erupt when there is an imbalance in fire element.
Whirlwinds outbreak when there is an imbalance in air element.
Thunder bolts appear when there is an imbalance in ether element.
Lord Shiva taught Goddess Parvati few measures that involve practice of mudras in order to overcome such situations.
Our body is also built with these five basic elements. Goswami Shri Tulasidas ji said in Ram charith Manas that –

छिति जल पावक गगन समीरा पञ्च रचित अति अधम शरीरा

It means that our physical body is also made up these five basic elements. Thus a person will stay healthy, powerful, strong and efficient as long as these basic elements are balanced in his body. He will be prone to diseases as soon as an asymmetry results in the proportions of these five elements in his body. The diseases he is attacked with will depend on the disproportion of these basic elements. Thus all the diseases prevailing in the body of person are directly related to these basic elements. Therefore we can live unaffected by these diseases if we can control these five basic elements in our body. Controlling these five elements is very easy because the five fingers of hands represent these five basic elements.

Thumb – fire
Index finger – air
Middle finger – ether
Ring finger – earth
Little finger – water

Thus we use the mudra techniques taught by Lord Shiva as a medium to not only to lead a healthy life but also to endow ourselves with the divine. Because Lord Bholenath has imparted this divine knowledge to us not to be used to be healthy but also experience the limitless possibilities of life. However, the possibility of acquisition of divine powers rules of the existence of minor illnesses. Now we move on the detailed description of these mudras which can enable the seeker to experience the divine consciousness. In order to attain the best results, you should practice these mudras for 5 to 25 times every day.

1. Gnyana Mudra: Thumb conjoined with the index finger makes the gnyan mudra. It is helpful in awakening the agnya chakra. It is highly efficient in dealing with mental stress, depression, headache, migraine, insomnia, anger, irritability and indolence. It is capable of sharpening your memory.
2. Vayu Mudra: Fold your index finger completely and place your thumb over it. This constitutes the vayu mudra and it is effective on all the disorders related to vayu such as knee pain, back ache, joint pains etc. It strengthens the momentum of the heart, relives you from the issue related to lungs. It alleviates arthritis, sciatica, gas etc.
3. Akash Mudra: Fold you middle finger and place your thumb over it. This constitutes the akash mudra. It eliminates all the issues related to the ether element. The ether element is related to our throat. Thus this mudra works on the throat related illnesses such as thyroid, tonsils, throat pain and ear pain. It improves the power of your voice. It makes your voce melodious.
4. Surya Mudra: Fold your ring finger and place your thumb over it. This mudra is related to the fire element. Thus it works on all the issues related to stomach such as gas, constipation, acidity, cholesterol, indigestion etc. It highly improves your digestion capability and hunger. This mudra can enable a weak person to put on weight. It can also help obese people to lose weight.
5. Pruthvi Mudra: This mudra is firmed by conjoining your thumb with your ring finger. It is highly beneficial for haemorrhoids. It can alleviate weakness and make you stronger. It can also effectively work on obesity.
6. Varun Mudra: This is also called as jala mudra. This mudra is formed by conjoining your little finger with your thumb. This mudra regulates the water element proportion in our body. Thus it makes our body bright and eliminates all kinds of skin problems. It is highly effective in eliminating wrinkles on your face. It is also capable of regulating temperature of your body.
7. Miyo Mudra: Fold your ring and middle fingers and leave the remaining fingers straight. This mudra is very helpful in regulating the blood pressure. It can regulate both high blood pressure and low blood pressure.
8. Prana Mudra: Conjoin the tips of the little and ring fingers with the tip of your thumb. This mudra is specifically useful for your eyes. It eliminates the weakness of your eyes and brightens them. It can boost up your self-confidence. This mudra will enable the seeker to stay without eating and drinking for long enough time.
9. Hruday Mudra: Fold your index finger completely and keep your little finger straight. Conjoin the tips of your ring and middle fingers with the tip of your thumb. This mudra is highly beneficial for heart problems. This mudra is capable saving one’s life in the times of heart attack too. The person can be save from heart attack within very few seconds. It is capable of alleviating vayu related disorders too.
10. Apana Mudra: Conjoin the tips of your ring and middle finger with the tip of your thumb to practice this mudra. This mudra can eliminate all the foreign impurities residing in our body. It is capable of regulating the irregular menstrual cycles in ladies. It is highly beneficial in the time of delivery too. But this mudra should be practiced only after the eighth month of pregnancy but to not prior to it. Pregnant ladies should practice this for 3 to 4 times per day. It also works efficiently on diabetes and kidney related issues.
11. Vyana Mudra: It is practiced by conjoining the tips of your index finger and middle finger with the tip of your thumb. This mudra is helpful for high blood pressure alone.
12. Linga Mudra: Clasp the fingers of both of your hands and raise the thumb of your left hand alone. This constitutes the Linga mudra. This mudra imparts spiritual warmth in to the body. Thus it should not be practiced in the summer season. This can be practiced in winter. It can relieve you from cold, cough, flu etc.
13. Shankha Mudra: Hold your left hand thumb with your right hand and mould both of your palms into the shape of shankha or conch. This mudra can heal throat related infections. It improves loquacious power. It eliminates indigestion, arthritis and joint pains.
14. Saman Vayu Mudra: This mudra controls the thoughts of an individual. It improves the courage of the person but keeps your mind cool. You must keep both of your fist closed and together for this mudra.
15. Bhairav Mudra: You should place your right palm over you left palm for this mudra. This mudra is also very useful for meditation.
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