Mudras awaken your Kundali Shakti

Mudras that can awaken your Kundali Shakti

Ashwini Mudra: Ashwini Mudra is the initiating kriya for the practice of moolabandha. Contraction and relaxation of anus repeatedly is called ashwini mudra. This will strengthen the urinary tract and the seminal duct alleviates all the complication related to these areas. This mudra can be practiced anywhere anytime sitting in any posture or standing or lying on the ground. The practice of this mudra prior to the practice of moolabandha makes moolabandha to be practiced easily.
Vajroli: Vajroli is related to Hath yoga. It is considered to be a kriya but not a mudra. However few people consider it to be a mudra. The practice of this mudra enables an individual to pull water, milk, ghee, oil and semen upwards through the urinary tract. Pulling milk or semen is considered the best practice. According to hath yoga followers, if an individual is capable of practicing vajroli efficiently, he need not follow any other restraining rules of yoga. He can conquer time. The practice of this kriya is highly confidential. It can be learnt only under the supervision of a master.
Yoga Mudra: This mudra can be practiced either in padmasan or vajrasana. If you practice it in vajrasana, you must close your fists and place them adjacent to your navel and in case of padmasana you should keep your hands behind you back.
We describe this mudra being practiced in padmasana in this context.
Procedure: Sit in padmasana on a mat. That is place your left feet on your right thigh and right feet on your left thigh such that both of your ankles touch each other. (1) Close the right nostril with the thumb of your right hand and practice poorak through the Chandra nadi that is your left nostril. Now observe jalandhara bandha. (2) Bring both of your hands behind your back. Hold the wrist of your right hand with your left hand and bend your back forward. Place your head on the floor and try to practice kumbhak as long as you can. (3) When you are done with kunbhak raise up and sit straight. Close your left nostril with the ring and middle fingers of your hand and observe rechak with your surya nadi that is exhale the air through your right nostril. Exhale the air completely out. Wait for few seconds and practice poorak with your surya nadi. Apply jalandhara bandha and similar to earlier version hold the wrist of your left hand with your right hand and lean forward. Place your head on the floor and practice kumbhak as long as you can. When you are done with kumbhak raise up and observe rechak with your chakndra nadi that is your left nostril. This constitutes a single cycle of yoga mudra.

You can start your practice with 3 cycles initially and increase by one cycle every day for five days and reach up to 10 cycles. This mudra should be practiced in the morning and in the evening. Dedicated yoga seekers can practice it for 20 times a day in the morning, evening, mid-day and mid night.
This mudra is efficient in dealing with all the stomach related issues such as liver, spleen, gas, ulcer etc. It makes your lungs healthy. If practiced for long time it cleanses the nerves and prepares the ground for the meditation.

Amaroli Mudra:
Amaroli is also a kriya related to hatha yoga but not a mudra. However few people consider it to be a mudra. Take urine in the jalneti vessel and practice jalneti with the same. While collecting you should discard way the initial part as it is defective and final part as it is not useful. Thses two parts will not be used in this kriya. This mudra is called amarolipaan, shivambupaan and swamutra paan also. This kriya is considered the most conventional method to stay healthy.
However the conventional vaishanava tradition has created a lot of aversion to this kriya. The usage of this kriya is almost depleted. But if anyone desires to learn it he should approach an expert.

Khechari Mudra: Kha means ether or sky.  If a seeker succeeds in learning this mudra he will acquire the ability to fly in the sky. This mudra is very difficult to practice and very time consuming. This mudra should be practiced strictly under the supervision of an expert.
Procedure: Tongue is reversed and the tip of it used to drink the nectar. Thus the tongue should be long enough. One should resort to tapping in order to elongate the tongue. Hold the tongue and move it upwards, down and to right and left. This act will make your tongue elongate. The second approach is called chedan. Chedan is proved to be dangerous to be practiced without the supervision of an expert or master. It should not be practiced just by reading books. Hence we avoid the discussion about in this context.

Shakti Chalani Mudra: Shakti Chalani mudra is practiced after moolabandha. In other words it is considered the final stage of moolabandha. Therefore the first stage is ashwini mudra, then moolabandha and the last is Shakti chalani mudra. Shkati in this context denotes kundalini and chalan implies awakening of kundalini. In order to practice this mudra, the shakini nadi (related to anus) and the kuhu nadi (related to urinary tract) are dragged with apan vayu upwards and activated. This kriya is practiced in pranayama in the stage of kumbhak alone. Uddiyaan bandha also is practiced along with it. Thus shakini and kuhu nadis are being pulled up with all the stamina and the abdomen is contracted due to the application of uddiyaana bandha. Regular practice of this kriya awakens kundalini and raises it. Hence this kriya is called Shakti chalan. Throughout the practice of this kriya you should concentrate over your mooladhara chakra.
Apart from this the practice of shakti chalan mudra has many spiritual benefits. Awakening of kundalini shakti opens the door to the further stages of meditation. Each of the chakras namely mooladhara chakra, swadhistana chakra, manipura chakra, anahat chakra, vishuddhi chakra, agnya chakra and sahasra chakra is activated in the order mentioned. All these chakras are the centers of power. Among these the first to fifth chakras are the centers of five basic elements. When these chakras awaken, the seeker becomes unaffected by these basic elements. Agnya chakra is the center of psychotropic power while sahasra chakra is the center of shiva shakti. All these powers are acquired by the seeker after the practice of Shakti chalan mudra leading to the awakening of kundalini through successive regeneration. After achieving all these the seeker moves ahead of the path of the salvation.

Brahma Mudra
Sit in any meditative posture and close your eyes. Place your palms on your knees in gyan mudra and inhale air into your lungs. Gradually bend your head towards your left shoulder. Pause in this position for a while and bring your head to normal position while exhaling. Now bend your head to the right while observing poorak. After a while bring your head to normal position while practicing rechak. Now raise your head while practicing poorak and bend down while practicing rechak and make your chin touch your chest. This completes one cycle. This can be practiced slowly for 8 cycles.
Benefits: It can alleviate high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and all kinds of mental disorders. It can also improve memory and concentration.

Agnisaar kriya
Place your hands over your knees and contract your abdomen similar to the application of uddiyana bandha while exhaling air. Then immediately release your abdomen. Then contract again. You should repeat this for 10 to 15 times. But when you progress through your practice to advanced levels you should lock the air outside and try to contract and relax your stomach for atleast 40 to 50 times.
Benefits: The main characteristic of fire is to burn. Hence the practice of this kriya burns away all the excess fat from our body. It improves hunger and relieves you from constipation. It can eliminate all the complications related to the stomach and the clears the path to the awakening of kundalini.
The influence of these mudras is 1000 times better than that of asanas and pranayama. Mudras appear to very simple yet they are very subtle. Thus their influence can be realized immediately.
The yoga teacher training in India gives excellent training of mudras.



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