In this section we will get to know the true nature of yoga. Everyone has to pass through the medium of kundalini in order to reach the state of yoga. Only then an individual will acquire the status of a yogi. This section also describes the true nature of hatha yoga too. “tha” means the ida nadi which represents the coldness. “ha” represents the pingala nadi which represents the heat. Sushumns nadi is the third important nadi which is connected to kaf, pitta etc disorders. It is located near the mooladhar chakra. Prior to pranayama close both the ida and pingali nadis and apply tribandha and observe pranayama. Now the pressure of the air is felt by the sushumna nadi. At this stage sushumna nadi gets rid of all of its disorders and opens up. Thus the air enters into the sushumna.The process of air entering into sushumna itself is known as the awakening of kundalini. After the awakening of the kundalini Shakti, the air starts to move upwards. Now it passes through each chakra and reaches the sahasra chakra where Lord Shiva is believed to reside. Here the air merges off. This merging in other words is explained as shakti being united with Lord Shiva. This union is called yoga. This is the prime objective of Hatha yoga. However there are various myths prevailing in regard to hatha yoga. Most of the people believe that hatha yoga practice involves immensely forcible, stressed and obstinately forced asanas. But the studies of the scriptures have proven it all an altered view.

Ramayana quotes जनम जनम मुनि जातां करहि. Munis and rishis take a number of lifetimes exclusively perform tapasya in order to acquire this state of yoga. But certain simple procedures of hatha yoga made this path easy and achievable in a single lifetime and make the seeker eligible to be called a yogi. However it needs गुरुकृपा ही केवलम. There is no such thing in universe which is not achievable through the blessings of a sadguru. Anything which seems to be impossible also becomes possible.

Now we discuss about the chakras which aid in the process of kundalini reaching the sahasra chakra. If these chakras encounter any blockages the journey of the kundalini upwards will have to face obstacles. In order to overcome these obstacles and to clear the blockages encountered by the chakras, the seeker should use asana, pranayama, dhyana, mudra and bandha. Through this practice, kundalini shakti will reach the sahasra chakra without being blocked by any obstacles. Hence we should first discuss about the shatchakras.

Destination of Life

Realisation of the soul is the ultimate goal of our life. We cannot realise the soul at physical level because the soul united with body and mind in this stage. It is in an abstract level at this stage. Thus it is not tangible separately. At this stage most of the people tend to consider the body itself to be their soul out of their foolishness and ignorance. While few other people consider mind to be the soul which also is not true. But the question is how the soul blends itself to such a minute level. In fact the mind covers the soul with various layers through which we can only identify the reflection of the soul at times. The soul is covered with various layers of emotions such as anger, passion, grief etc. Thus we identify ourselves or our soul in those modes when subjected to these emotions. The soul will be vividly visible when all these layers disappear. In other words unless the wavery nature of the mind settles down to a steady and tranquil state we cannot identify the true nature of the soul. Thus the yoga masters proposed this procedure in order to control your mind and succeed in realizing your soul. Simple process of chanting omkara in a ruminative approach can eventually settle your mind down to a calm state. The consistent practice of this would lead to stage where the chanting of omkara also drops away. At this stage the seeker attains the state of Samadhi called nirvij Samadhi and his soul will naturally shine on its own and enables him to attain kaivalya.


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