This is a cleansing technique which is capable of cleaning our pranamay kosh (vital air sheath). Kapal means brain bhati means bright, shine, illuminate etc. The practice of kapalbhati enables your forehead to become bright and mercurial.


1.Sit in any meditational posture with you mind calm and peaceful.
2.Beginners should keep their left arm below the navel and right hand above it.
3.Try exhaling the air with force from inside but inhale normally.
4.Repeat this process for a number of times but you should apply pressure with your left hand on your stomach. Thus only your lower abdomen should work. Upper part of your stomach, shoulders and face should not be disturbed.
5.No kind of tension should be noticed on eyes, nose and face.
6.After properly finishing the practice you should rest your hands on your knees.


1.It is effective in losing the excess weight of the body.
2.It exterminates mental disorders such as attraction, anger, greed and egoism.
3.It can treat joint pains problem.
4.Improves mental concentration.
5.The 72000 nadis in our body will be purified through this process.
6.It promotes functionalities of respiratory and circulatory systems.
7.It works effectively on acidity, gas, constipation, etc.
Kapalbhati endows swadhisthan, manipura and agnya chakras with divine power.


1.Though this kriya so effective and simple few precautions are inevitable. This kriya should be strictly prohibited if the seeker suffers with back ache or has under gone heart surgery or have heart related issues or suffers with hernia or high blood pressure.
2.Gherand Samhita compared our body to a pitcher. These cleansing techniques are proposed in order to clean all impurities from our body. Some of these techniques are difficult to be practiced in general by everyone. But there are few techniques like neti, vaman dhauti, tratak, kapalbhati etc which are simple yet effective. These techniques can be implemented by anyone by carefully following the precautions. The main aim of these kriyas is to clear impurities from our body and mind. Apart from this the seeker can be saved from all kinds of diseases and he can succeed in attaining the states of paramanand and bramhanand.
Our yoga teacher training  In Goa offers training of all these shatkriyas. You are welcome to avail our help and master this art.

Few Rules Useful for Asanas

1.You can try to practice asanas by reading books. But it proves to be dangerous in many cases. Thus the supervision of an expert is inevitable. You can join our yoga teacher training program in Rishikesh to avail such facility.
2.You should not try to practice asanas in hurry. You should slowly reach the final posture with patience and practice.
3.You should stay still in the final posture for a while.
4.You not try to stretch beyond your limits.
5.You should not impose competitive insight into practice of yoga. It proves to be highly dangerous.
6.You should always mind the effect the asanas have on your mind and body.
7.You should practice shavasan without fail after completing the practice of all asanas. However it will not have any kind of ill effects even if you are unable to do it.
8.One should not try advance level asanas if he has undergone any surgeries.
9.If you suffer with any ailments, pains or wounds in any part of your body, you should inform it your trainer and follow his instructions.
10.Your breath should not retard while practicing asanas. Our body is designed to control our breath based on the circumstances prevailing. For instance you breathe heavily when you lift heavy weights but you breathe normally when you insert thread into a needle. Similarly your breath will pause for a while when you practice certain difficult asanas like shalbhasana or mayurasana. Therefore if you suffer with heart problem or high blood pressure or asthama you should report to instructor and follow his advice.
The place where you practice asanas should be clean and have fresh flow of air.
11.Asanas should be practiced either in the morning or in the evening with empty stomach or after 3 to 4 hours post lunch.
12.You should not practice asanas that involve bending forward if you suffer with back ache. Similarly you should not practice asanas that involve bending backwards if you suffer with hernia.
13. You should not practice asanas when your mind is in depressed mood or surrounded with negative thouhts.
14.Pregnant ladies can practice only basic level asanas which proves to be highly beneficial. They can practice anuloma and viloma asanas unde pranayama.
15.You should not practice asanas during menstrual period. Because the body might be subjected to pressure at various parts and might result in more blood loss or it may result in straining the nerves. Thus precautions must be followed in order to ensure safety. Similarly mayurasana should be practiced only under the supervision of an expert.


Seekers, more often beginners are mostly found confused about taking bath before the practice of asanas or after. Also they are confused about using cold water or hot water for bathing. According to Swatmaramji rules cannot be stringently imposed in very circumstance. They need to be customized. Thus if you live cold regions like Kashmir you must use hot water for bathing. So that it promotes blood circulation and relaxes muscles and joints which enables easy movements during asanas. Similarly if you are a resident of hot regions you should use cold water for bathing.  Thus you must decide based on the effects of the place, time and weather conditions on your body.  Taking bath prior to the practice is a good idea. However if you sweat too much and stink as a result, you should take bath after the practice. But you should wait for atleast half an hour after the practice to take bath.


You should not practice asanas in a closed room. You should keep your windows open or you should practice on the terrace or in any open area where there is fresh flow of air. You should choose a place such that your practice is not interrupted and the place is clean. Yoga Faculty provides yoga teacher training program in India in such outer spaces fresh and close to nature.


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