Factors Yoga Practice

Factors Yoga Practice

Factors that contribute to the progress of yoga practice

If the above mentioned factors can impede the growth of the yoga seeker, there are various other factors too which are capable of contributing to his progress.

उत्साहात्साहसाद्दिर्षततत्त्वज्ञानश्च निश्चयात |

जनसंगपरित्यागाथशद्भिर्यगह प्रसिध्यते ||

When a yoga seeker starts to exhibit enthusiasm, patience, philosophy, decisional skills and starts to abandon socializing, it means that he is moving forward on his path and is capable of becoming a reason for happiness in anyone’s life.


Utsah (Enthusiasm)

Yoga seeker should possess enthusiasm as his basic quality, because only an enthusiastic person can succeed through any kind of difficulties with fully filled in confidence and courage. On the other hand a discouraged person is always uninspired and always stays bothered and gloomy. Such person can only impart discouragement and despair to the people around him. Venerable master Swamy Subodhanand ji Maharaj is one among such people who always instilled excitement in everyone’s life around him. He always inspired them to discover novelty in their lives every moment. This very enthusiasm boosts up the morale of the seeker and serves as the impetus for his spiritual growth.

Saahas (Courage)

“ वीर भोग्या वसुंधरा ” – the one who is courageous and heroic is only person capable of ruling this world. One who is always ready to perish will remain in this world and the one who always saves himself will perish forever. It is usually said that a person who wears a shroud on his head is not afraid of death.  There are many distinguished people who have perceived death in a completely new fashion and proved the world supernatural. Yoga seeker can never be cowards. Yoga transforms the seeker into bold and courageous personality which enables him to overcome all the hurdles and achieve his goal.  Hence Saahas (courage) forms the most essential characteristic feature of a yoga seeker. Thus we have embedded our Yoga teacher training programs with effective session to boost up the seekers courage and confidence.

Dhiarya (Endurance)

Success is not achieved in a day. Thus a seeker needs to be patient throughout his journey in order to achieve success. Yoga Sutra has quoted –

“ स तु दीर्घकालनैर्न्तर्यसत्कारासेवितो दृढ़भूमि “
A yoga seeker can achieve success only when he can admire his practice and continue it daily with patience for long hours.  Thus endurance also is one of the most essential qualities a yoga seeker must possess.

Tatvagyan (Philosophy)

Philosophy in a sense can be vigilance. We should be aware of what we are doing every moment. We should be able to do realize that we are doing something with our full consciousness. Incautious attitude at any work would prove to foolishness. Such work would result in no good but might dissipate ill effects. But if the same work is done with full consciousness it would result in welfare of the self. There is action or work in this world which is not good. Else why would it have been created by the God. For instance, even poison could save life of a deceased person when used in proper proportions. But the same poison when misused can take life away. Thus tatvgyan forms the next most essential feature of a yoga seeker.


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