Yoga Sutras Patanjali 12

Yoga Sutras Patanjali 12

31. The Commandments are not restricted to any race, place, time or age. They are all inclusive; they are the incredible commitment.

The Commandments structure the wide general preparing of humankind. Every one of them rests on an all-inclusive profound law. Every one of them communicates a characteristic or part of the Self, the Eternal; when we abuse one of the orders we set for ourselves in breaking the law   and being of the Eternal, in this manner carrying ourselves to unavoidable perplexity. So the first steps in otherworldly life must be taken by carrying ourselves into voluntary acquiescence to these otherworldly laws, and hence making ourselves partakers of the otherworldly powers, the being of the Interminable. Like the law of gravity, the requirement of air to inhale, these extraordinary laws know no special cases. They are in energy in all grounds, all around all times, for all humankind.

32. The Rules are these: immaculateness, quietness, intense aspiration, otherworldly perusing, and impeccable dutifulness to the Master.

Here we have a finer law, one which humankind overall is less primed for, less fit to comply. Yet we can see that these Principles are the same generally as the Commandments, however on a higher, more profound plane. The Commandments may be obeyed in external acts and restraints; the Rules interest obedience of the heart and soul, a much more stirred and more positive cognizance. The Rules are the profound counter-a piece of the Commandments; and they themselves have finer degrees, for additional propelled profound development. The yoga retreat in Rishikesh follows the yoga sutras of Patanjali in teaching different types of yoga asanas.

33. To vanquish transgressions, the weight of the imagination ought to be tossed on the inverse side.

Give us a chance to take a straightforward case, that of a criminal, a continual criminal, who has floated into taking in youth, before the ethical cognizance has stirred. We may detain such a cheat, and deny him of all validity of more heist, or of utilizing the heavenly endowment of will. Alternately we may distinguish his dis-focal points, and help him continuously to advance belonging which express his will, and draw hence his sense of pride. Assuming that we envision that, after he has assembled well, and his belonging have get dear to him, he himself ought to be robbed, then we can perceive how he might come vividly to understand the pith of robbery also of legitimacy, and might separate too legit dealings with firm conviction. In some such way does the incredible Law show us? Our distresses and misfortunes show us the agony of the distress and misfortune we incur on others, along these lines we stop to cause them. Presently as to the all the more control requisition. To vanquish a sin, let heart and brain rest, not on the sin, however actually ethicalness. Let the sin be constrained out by positive development in the correct course, not by immediate restriction. Dismiss from the sin and go ahead boldly, usefully, inventively, in well-doing. Along these lines the entire nature will step by step be attracted up to the more elevated amount, on which the sin does not even exist. The success of a sin is a matter of development and evolution, as opposed to of resistance.

34. Transgressions are harm, deception, burglary, incontinence, envy, if submitted, or initiated, or consented to, through eagerness, fierceness, or fixation; if faint, or middle ng, alternately intemperate; bearing interminable apples and oranges of lack of awareness and torment. There-fore should the weight be thrown on the other side.

Here is the reason for sin: insatiability, anger, captivation, with their belongings, obliviousness and ache. The reasons are to be cured by better astuteness, by a truer comprehension of the Self, of Life.

For covetousness can’t continue before the acknowledgment that the entire planet fits in with the Self, which Self we are; nor would we be able to hold rage against one who is unified with the Self, and accordingly with ourselves; nor can fixation, which is the looking for the bliss of the All in some restricted a piece of it, survive the information that we are beneficiaries of the All. Accordingly let thought also creative energy, psyche and heart, toss their weight on the other side; the side, not of the planet, however of the Self.



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