Yoga Sutras Patanjali 22

Yoga Sutras Patanjali 22

17. Sound and significance and the thought rang by a word are frustrated since they are all smeared together in the mind. By impeccably focused Meditation on every independently, there comes a comprehension of the sounds expressed by all creatures.

It must be recollected that we are talking about discernment by the profound man. Sound, for example each energy, is the statement of a force of the Interminable. Boundless shades of this force are communicated in the endlessly fluctuated tones of sound. He who, having section to the cognizance of the Eternal knows the being of this force, can divine the implications of all sounds from the voice of the creepy crawly to the music of the circles. In like way, he who has accomplished otherworldly vision can discern the brain pictures in the contemplations of others, with the shade of feeling which runs with them, subsequently perusing their contemplations as effortlessly as he hears their words. Everybody has the germ of this force, since contrast of tone will give broadly varying significances to the same words, implications which are instinctively observed by everybody.The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are 196 Indian sutras (axioms) that constitute the foundational content of Yoga.

18. The point when the mind consequence gains apparent, there comes a comprehension of past births.

This is basic enough, when we get a handle on reality of resurrection. The fine collect of past encounters is drawn into the profound nature, framing, surely, the support of its advancement. The point when the awareness has been raised to a focus above these fine subjective impressions, and can look down upon them from above, this will in itself be a recalling of past births.Yoga is not an arrangement of convictions. The yoga retreat in Dharamshala gives you a physical exercise and mental relaxation in the form of yoga by following the sutras of Patanjali.

19. By consummately focused Meditation on mind images is picked up the comprehension of the considerations of others.

Here, for the individuals who can benefit by it, is the mystery of thought-perusing. Take the most straightforward case, of deliberate thought transference. It is the affirmation of the individuals who have done this, that the observing personality must be stilled, before the brain picture anticipated by the other personality might be seen. With it comes a feeling of the inclination and temper of the other personality et cetera, in higher degrees.

20. By consummately focused Meditation on the manifestation of the form, by capturing the figure’s detectable quality, and by repressing the eye’s energy of sight, there comes the ability to make the form unobservable.

There are numerous occurrences of this activity, by mesmerists, trance inducers and the like; and we might essentially call it an occurrence of the force of prescription. Shankara lets us know that by this power the well-known mystical performers of the East perform their marvels, dealing with the brain pictures of others, while themselves remaining intangible. It is each of an inquiry of having the capacity to see and control the brain pictures.

21. The works which round out the life span may be either promptly or progressively agent. By impeccably focused Reflection on these comes information of the time of the close, as likewise through signs.

An article of clothing which got wet, says the observer, may be hung up to dry, along these lines dry quickly, or it may be come in a ball what’s more dry gradually; so a flame may burst or smolder. Subsequently it is with Karma, the works that round out the life-compass. By an in-sight into the mental structures and powers which make up Karma, there comes information of the velocity or gradualness of their advancement, and of the time when the obligation will be paid off.

22. By consummately focused Meditation on sensitivity, sympathy and benevolence, is picked up the force of inside union with others.

Solidarity is the actuality; separateness the dream. The closer we come to actuality, the closer we come to solidarity of heart. Sensitivity, empathy, graciousness are modes of this solidarity of heart, whereby we celebrate with the individuals who cheer, and sob with the individuals who sob. These things are taken in by seeking to take in them. The yoga teacher training in India teaches different styles of yoga that gives complete relief from different health disorders.



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