Advantages of Meditation

Advantages of Meditation

The main objective of meditation is to view the unlimited consciousness flowing al around and through him. As a result the seeker attains liberation from various miseries such as ignorance, egoism, affection, hatred, attachment etc. Thus the seeker develops his consciousness beyond the layer of his ignorance.

With the practice of meditation the bondage of mind and senses will be stabilized. The versatility of mind vanishes. Consequently the cosmic actions of the seeker also achieve perfection. Thus any foolish or immoral act cannot happen due to the seeker. A divine inspiration naturally enters into his life with full control. Various emotions and acts get into his control. Gradually the desires and the resolution options become weak and faded. An amazing vibration results in mind and body due to meditation. The flow of divine waves continues to flow which eradicates the physical and mental disorders. Every cell, every muscle, every nerve pulse, every sense of the body tends to receive divine essence. The seeker tends to experience as if he got everything new, as if the limits of his intelligence have expanded beyond their limits, as if he has achieved unique power. It is not possible to describe the bliss experienced by the seeker in words in such a state.

In short we can say that a seeker of meditation will not experience any anxiety even in the worst conditions he might have to face in this world. His mind becomes ingenious and strong. Fearlessness becomes a natural ingredient of his life. Self-inspiration becomes the route of his path which helps him in his progress. His ability to differentiate between right and wrong will stop him from getting on the wrong path. Feelings like affection, hatred, greed, attraction, love and anger never thrive into his mind. He always experiences incomparable contentment.

Therefore everyone should practice dharana and dhyana in order to win over the mind and enjoy the divine power, divine vision and divine bliss thereby.


Problems faced during the practice of meditation

Most of the problems in practice of dhyana arise from ones inner self. Problems that arise from the contradictory situations also arise from inner self only. All the remaining controversial circumstances that are prevailing externally around the seeker would turn into indisputable situations as his achieves the power through dhayan. Thus it is inevitable for a seeker to stay delighted in each and every situation.


The mind that is afflicted by anxiety and distraction cannot become proficient in meditation. Even if it achieves proficiency by some means it cannot stay with stability in that state. Swadhyay is the only means that can save you from such problems. It deals with reciting the name of a deity (jap), study of the literature that describes about the salvation (moksh sadhana) and surrendering one’s own self to god.



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