Samakonasana helps for removes spinal deformity Samakonasana yoga aasana which such effects might stretch the spine and back muscles. Samakonasana improves physical condition posture and helps to remove the distortion of the spine. Any type of hip or back pain whom they do not succumb to the asan.


Stand both feet together. Breathe with both hands in front of the head to bring up. Take Straighten arms and palms bend in the wrist. A little behind the spine to the waist should be perfectly straight. Now bend forward from the waist while breathing in control position Body, neck and put it in a straight line until arms bend forward until your body is not parallel to the ground. Hold this position for five Second try to see the front and side. Similar to breathe again perpendicular to the body while breathing hands down apple and apple. Samakonasana should practice three to five times.

Samakonasana should be avoid in sytica pain and back pain

Right from the practice of asana especially affects the muscles above the waist. A nerve for last part of the chest is particularly strong. Deformities of the spine posture right away and improves the physical condition of the practice is routine.

Bhramari Pranayama:-
Hormones released by the pineal gland Bramri pranayam ‘ melatonin ‘ which regulate the secretion Our pineal gland hormones released from Bramri pranayam ‘ melatonin ‘ which regulate the secretion. Consequently, stress and anger can be controlled.

‘Melatonin hormone’ is after two hours of dinner and help bring sleep ‘s why it is said that you should eat two hours before bedtime .The problem of insomnia and they should take care of that particular bhramari the practice of pranayam regularly can be overcome insomnia.

Sit in any meditation aasan like padmaasan, spine erect; place both hands on your knees.

Both arms i.e in line with the shoulders come up to 180 degrees both from the elbow flexed and with the help of first finger lock the hole of ears. Take close your eyes, the mind is calm prefix. Fill out a long breath and take a deep throat hesitate, try putting neck hole to chin. Then slowly slowly under control position removes breathe. This will cause vibration and wave your arms in the inner region of the brain can feel, hear.
Hum rhythmic, melodic, slow and should be consistent from beginning to end. Thus a complete sequence will repeat for five consecutive conveniences.

Any type of ear infection, injury or pain, so they will not Bramri pranayam. It shall advise the doctor of medicine, yoga and pranayam before the word along. I.e. the Depression Depression is a problem or a person who has talent Antmurki without consulting them Bramri pranayam should not practice yoga. bhramari do pranayam should always sit, lie down, do not practice it.

bhramari pranayam helps in reducing high blood pressure. Stress is also removed. Practice of bhramari pranayam controlled can be found on the anger and insomnia. This pranayam is beneficial in diseases related to throat. Impacts on the thyroid gland. Is beneficial especially for growing children? The sound effects are clear and forceful.

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